Buhari Approves Payment Of Pension To Biafran Ex-Service Men; Another Lie

anther lie

anther lie

-During the Biafran war, thousands of Igbos serving in the Nigerian armed forces switched over to fight on the side of their Biafran brethren.

-The then head of state, Yakubu Gowon announced their sack. The war was later won and lost.

-When President Obasanjo came on board, he approved the conversion of the sack of Biafran ex-service men to retirement, making them eligible for pension and other benefits.

That decision was officially gazzeted.

During the immediate past govt, the Otueke born Zoologist, President Jonathan, continued the payment of their pension in batches. In fact, Jonathan, it was, who made sure the ex-Biafran police and military men were treated as though they served 35 years on Nigerian side before retiring.

The report that President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the payment of pension to Biafran ex-service men is nothing but one of those demonic propaganda for which the Buhari govt has come to be identified with.

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What happened few days ago was that the office of the Pension Board known as PTAD stumbled upon 167 names, (just 167) of the Biafran ex-service men who were cleared since 2014 but yet to be paid.

Just 167!

Buhari #ChildrenOfChange simply hijacked the story and went to the village CNN square with the very misleading impression that Buhari has approved the payment of pension to Biafran ex-service men.

What is Buhari’s business with the routine duty of the Pension Board?

Why should any right thinking Igbo man or woman expect Ndigbo to roll out the drum for Buhari simply because the Pension Board stumbled upon the names of 167 Biafrans who were biometically cleared to receive pension years ago especially after what this same Buhari did to Igbo youths in Abia state few weeks ago with his janjaweed army??

Have we suddenly lost our dignity as Ndigbo?

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Why should we praise an ethno-religious bigot who was busy directing World Bank to his Northern region at the exact time he was directing his murderous army to our own region to kill, maim and drown us???”

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