Why Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Must Be Celebrated Alive And Posthumously -By Russell Bluejack

Why Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Must Be Celebrated Alive

Why Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Must Be Celebrated Alive

-They used to say all manner of things about the

-He is cunning, he is too wise, he is this and that.

-Those were the rubbish we used to hear about our Igbo brothers and sisters.

Some even went as far as calling these hardworking relatives of mine cheats.

Vexingly, these names came from their relatives in the coast, the ones with whom the Igbo share some similarities :religion, dress pattern, tradition, and even language.

That was the situation then.

Things have
changed today.


They used to say the Igbo are not united; that they can kill one another in the name of business. That was then; things have changed today. Let us know why and how these debased notions changed.

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One Voice heard transmitting from Radio Biafra London studio, did the magic.

The Voice had the Midas touch to make things change.


How did he do it? He attacked his own people all the way from RBL studio stung them to consciousness, reminded them that they

were fools for not seeing the need to work together and escape together. Initially, he was misunderstood and mistaken for one rascal shooting from London because he had liberty to exercise his freedom of speech.

As days turned to months and months to years, light rays hit the things this young IPOB leader was trying to pass across. The entire Igbo people came to realise that Nigeria was
not theirs, but the few in government having known this still maintained their slavish relation to the real owners.

The five leprous fingers in the government houses in the East felt challenged by this young crusader. They felt he should be in chains lest he succeeds in freeing the youths from political slavery. These governors reassessed the situation and discovered that the popularity of this young transformer had towered.

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The Voice became flesh and presented himself for apprehension and torture by the oppressor. This earned him our respect, our love, and our honour. He exuded courage that is un-African and adorable. He had become the real governor of governors, and this did not go down well with the political administrators. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had risen from fame to become a
model, an iconoclastic fellow, and a social engineer.

While the political misadministrators misgoverned, he took the time to work on the pervading disunity psyche of the inhabitants of the Eastern Region and succeeded, against all odds, in hatching unity and solidarity among the Igbo people. Having stung them to consciousness, attention shifted from government to revolution, making the governors mere ceremonial heads, for which the latter vowed to do any and every thing to stop the new saviour of the masses.

Today, Kanu may not be handy, yet he lives in us all. He was the first Biafra crusader after the Civil War, to hammer hard on the need for the sister regions that constitute Biafra to unite and birth their nation.

His resort to historical analysis in analogy to the unity that exists between the coastal and hinterland parts of Biafra won people like this writer and his entire coastal team over. Yes, it was Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s exquisite knowledge of our historical ties that brought me on board. And, of course, I came with all my appurtenances to join forces with the only person I had seen as a leader.

For the sake of our freedom, this Royal Highness, a prince of admirable repute, was
locked up in the dinghy fortress for two years. His freedom, his delectable wife, and the niceties of life he relished overseas were all sacrificed for two whole years because of our freedom. It is either Kanu or Kanu. No
other option at all!

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Today, the Igbo have shamed their traducers. The Igbo people are one in every sense. I watched my brothers in the East and the rest down the coast show uncommon solidarity over the travails of one of our own, the Chairman of INNOSON’S MOTORS. Yes, in just two days, the almighty Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) was reduced to a shadow of itself over its obvious maltreatment of our brother.

“Igbo man is this, Igbo man is that” has ended for good. The few politicians aside, the Igbo man has solidarity that cannot be matched. We, in the coast, now know that we and our brothers in the East are one in every sense.

Things have really changed. Thanks a million to our one and only leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Ohamadike I of Biafraland, who used his voice and body to prove to us that no amount of torture and lies can break us, if we are truly desirous of freeing ourselves from both mental
and physical slavery. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is the
transformer of our time. He is the social engineer of our time.

Hearty cheers to my Igbo family for proving to the world that you are one. Let us hear any nincompoop tell us that the Igbo are this and that again. We know who our brothers and sisters in the East are.

They are one.

I stand with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

I stand with,
every Igbo man and woman, boy and girl that loves what Kanu is doing. I am one with all those that showed the Yoruba bank that khaki and leather are not the same thing. Push your resources to banks owned by either Igbo people or your people in the coast.


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