Igbo words such as Chi Ukwu, Chineke et cetera attests to a believe in God.


No automatic alt text available.-The large collection of Ikenga (personalised chi) which are now scattered around the world in various Museums, also attest to a believe in the duality of God, in other words, 

-God is the supreme being while God’s creations including Human Beings are endowed with ‘power’ (in your right hand) which is given to them by their creator to create and shape their own destiny.

 -Other powerful forces include the Sun (Anyanwu), Thunder (Personalised as Amadioha or Kalu), Rivers (Represented by the Ide of the River; Eke, Idemmili the Python) and so on.

Ikenga is a visual representation of a man‘s destiny; the Alo staff and Okike horn informs us that the owner either was or aspired to become a member of the most important religio-political sect of his era; Nze na Ozo. The animals on his head informs us that he was or aspired to be a great hunter.

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In John 14:16, we are told that a Jewish Carpenter made the following claims; “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Christians believe in reaching their creator through Jesus. Ofcourse, his fellow Jews were outraged (hence the accusation of blasphemy and their support for the death sentence which was reluctantly issued by the Roman Prefect of Judea who suspected that Jesus was a rebel.

Other Jewish rebels such as Judas of Galilee were called ‘robbers’ by the Romans, the rebels opposed the Roman census tax. Jesus was also tested on this matter and he was quick to say; give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. He would’ve been set free but the Jews insisted that the punishment for blasphemy is Death. Until recent times, Christian theologians were hostile to the Jews, the Vatican was more than happy to endorse Hitler for instance.

The Jews themselves didn’t believe in chi, rather they believed they were the ‘chosen people’ who can connect directly with their creator.

Today however, Money is arguably the most relevant chi and Chi to billions of people on Earth irrespective of religious worldview, but I think this chi should fail because it is ‘the root of all evil’. So, attack it and leave our ancestral religious worldview alone because it inspired our beautiful Igbo culture upon which our identity is built. Udo!

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