Somebody should go and tell the Nigerian government that we shall defend Nnamdi Kanu with the last drop of our blood


IPOB MENBERSRobotic Buhari and his despotic cum tribalistic federal government should know that this generation of Biafrans are neither daft or gullible and never shall we succumb to intimidation, hate and subjugation.



We have been expecting the Nigerian government to arrest the treasonous Arewa youths for issuing quit notice to Igbos living in Northern Nigeria but till now nothing has happened instead, Nigeria is playing their hopeless sectional politics.


This time around they should get ready, until another 6 million Biafrans are killed, we shall never give up in our quest to restore Biafra. We shall resist any attempt to play politics with the life of our leader by the sectional , tribalistic and blood sucking Nigeria government. Give us Biafra or kill us all.

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