Benue And The Hypocrisy Of Nigerians;


picture 1, Biafran refugees in 1967
picture 1, Biafran refugees in 1967

-He was in America asking for arms so we can defend ourselves against the rampaging Fulani supremacists disguised as herdsmen. They said he was beating drums of War.

-That it was all scaremongering rubbish from an egotistical mad Man.

Picture 2, Benue in 2018
Picture 2, Benue in 2018

-He formed Biafra Security Service, again to save our land from the incursion of these rampaging beasts.


He’s the only man that makes them shit in their pants. When they hear Biafra they panic. The name strikes trepidation down to their very marrow.

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Now tell me, with all those pictures of corpses loaded in trailers you saw coming from Benue, are you not already at War? Or you’re probably waiting for the conventional war with bombs and jet fighters and people running helter skelter?

With all those pictures of displaced people, tell me, are you not at War already? And you think we don’t need to defend ourselves? When we shout about islamisation agenda tomorrow, will you still call us wailers? Do you understand now why this country needs to disintegrate totally?

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picture 1, Biafran refugees in 1967

Picture 2, Benue in 2018. what do you think?

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