Biafra is coming and there is no amount of blackmail and killing that will stop it.



-Nigeria Armed Forces has never in history admit to any of their numerous crimes against humanity,even if they do, they always fish for one lie or another trying to use them in justifying their brutalities.

-According to defence ministry or what do they call themselves,they states their nonsensical reasons as for the reason why they concluded that the most peaceful mass movement {IPOB }is been a terrorist organization….

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-Here comes my question:When combined team of zoo Armed Forces went to Aba secondary school, kill as many IPOB as they want while they were in a prayer mode, are they violent? Are they blocking roads collecting money as acclaimed?are they BSS?.

The problem with that lived in many black Africans is that they don’t reason like human that’s why you can see some people including journalists to shy away from reality.

IPOB is the most peaceful mass movement recorded in the history of mankind. We are registered in over hundred country of the world and there has never a time they violate any law of the land…

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Nigeria can do their worst by all means, but one thing I know is that they can’t fool everyone at the same time.

I repeat  Biafra is coming and there is no amount of blackmail and killing that will stop it.

by: moses agbo

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