Buhari’s son, deserves no empathy from any reasonable Nigerian.


biafrandailynews-That guy is an embodiment of the criminal insensitivity with which the rogue govt of his father treats common Nigerians.

-At a time when poor masses are sleeping in filling station to buy fuel at an exorbitant price just to travel home for the Christmas and new year celebration,

-The son of the man who is directly responsible for this unimaginable suffering was busy doing Power Bike speed race with his friend on a public road, thereby endangering the lives of other road users.

After grooving with our money in company of his friends, Yusuf Buhari didn’t think it wise to empathize with poor Nigerians by quietly driving or riding home in peace, he chose to mock us by engaging in racing competition with his friends using the same fuel for which thousands of Nigerians spent their holiday at the fuel station.

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Now, he’s been operated upon. At our expense of course.

If I waste my expensive empathy on an over-indulged insensitive son of an irresponsible President, which one will I spend on poor Nigerians dying everyday on our road due to the legendary ineptitude of this President??

By Charles Ogbu

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