A Call For Biafra To Move Her Embassy To Jerusalem


A Call For Biafra To Move Her Embassy To Jerusalem
A Call For Biafra To Move Her Embassy To Jerusalem

-Middle East mass violence threats against official recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was a fulfillment of decades prophecy recorded in the Holy Bible.

To make Jerusalem a cup that causes all the surrounding people to stagger and severely injured for dare gang up against the holiest land and its inhabitants, the strength of the creator of heaven and earth.

The recognition was nothing but reality as US Congress anonymously adopted the motion “Jerusalem Embassy Act” in 1995, to encouraged relocation of America Embassy to Jerusalem.

Though, previous US presidents ignored the call under the guise of Two States Solution, on the other hand, some lacked both courage and political will to accomplished their political rhetoric and campaign promises unlike, Donald J. Trump’s administration that put the records straight for lasting peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. Perhaps, former US presidents’ foreign policy in Middle East ends up an illusive Israel/Palestine dichotomy without solution.

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History shall always be kind to Trump for taken a bold decision to bring peace, serene atmosphere in Israel and Middle East respectively.

Not his predecessor president Barack Obama, reportedly to had regretting his worst mistake in his presidency for lack of planning for the aftermath of the 2011 Muammar Gaddafi’s ouster while in office as a US president.

His roles over Libya have put Libyans in disdain till date as a result of his ignorant on foreign policy.

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