Don Waney ; Fulani Herdsmen And The Goverment Of Nyesom Wike



-Make no mistake; the only government I have not been able to criticize or find a  fault- is the government of Nyesom Wike.

-Wike is such a gallant governor who is aware that result is the only means to paying  back the people of Biafra in Rivers the confidence put in him.

-He has worked hard and keeps working to make sure he delivered political dividend  and restore the pride of his state.

We all saw how he fought for that seat; he put up ancient Biafran determination, such determination that stood British driven Nigeria in 1967. Amaechi needed the state so badly; to deliver it into the hands of the enemy but Wike was there for the people and he delivered us from the hands of the enemy. Wike’s government is not only his government; its people-oriented government and with the eyes of the enemy coming through Amaechi; Rivers will continue to be a fragile state.

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The fragility of the state will cause a lot of problems for us; we will make mistakes and inflict ourselves in an effort to hold tight or avoid any sentiment. This is what became of Don Waney, he is a victim of that fragility and that fragility has beclouded our sense of judgment.

Don Waney; last year, news broke out that he was murdered for kidnapping and killing, some of us rejoiced without asking why will Don Waney kill his own people and kidnap them.

Don Waney is a militant like every other militant and we all know what militants do, they engage oil companies and secure oil facilities but when not given attention, they destroy oil facilities and in critical situation, kidnap foreign oil workers, that is the modus operandi of militants in that part of Biafra.

Militants don’t engage in mass killing of their own people, let alone killing those returning from place of worship. No, we all know what our militants are capable of doing; they are not capable of religious killing.

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