The generation of Biafrans today are ready to lay down their lives .


The generation of Biafrans today are ready to lay down their lives .
The generation of Biafrans today are ready to lay down their lives .

-Biafrans are trying to forget what Nigerian Government did in 1967 but they’re still killing the children of parents who were killed during the civil war.

-They killed Muhammad Yusuf, the leader of Boko Haram and today they’re begging Boko Haram to stop.

-If they should force Biafrans to pick up arms, these generation of Biafrans will revenge the death of their parents, brothers and sisters who have been killed, even the oppressors and the oppressed will be consumed.

The generation of Biafrans today are ready to lay down their lives .
The generation of Biafrans today are ready to lay down their lives .

Nigerian will be worse than Somalia and the activities of Fulani Herdsmen and the body language of the Nigerian Government is gradually fulfilling it.

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They’ve been killing these youths, maiming, beating, imprisoning, abducting and kidnapping, etc, yet they’ve not picked up arms unlike the Ambazonians. I guess this is enough reasons why these kind of people should be feared because no one has monopoly of violence.

I want to be free is not a call for war. If the Middle Belt was a country, Fulani Herdsmen wouldn’t dare come in, kill people and get away with it. One man in Aso Rock cannot just deploy soldiers in a state where there’s a sitting governor. It is not done anywhere in the civilised world.

It’s a shame that the interest of the Fulani Government of Nigeria (they’re no longer Federal Government of Nigeria following the activities of these terrorist group whom they’re refused to call terrorists) clearly shows that Nigeria is indeed a shithole. Take a look at what’s been happening in Nigeria and tell me if the citizens of any European country would tolerate it? Fulani Herdsmen would come into a village, kill people with impunity and walk away without anyone been arrested, and the Federal Government is talking about cattle colony?

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Why is the Federal Government interested in cattle rearing that’s a private business? Can an Igbo go to the North and ask the state government to give him land to build shopping mall, nor a Yoruba, Tiv, Ogoni, etc? Then why is that of Fulani Herdsmen different. These same people are threatening that there’ll still be more bloodshed if the governor of Benue State does not revoke the anti grazing bill. No one of them has been arrested? My goodness me!!

If Britain is to colonize Nigeria again, they’ll do it perfectly because we’re still holden onto our mental slavery and our collective mentality of “e no concern me”, “e concern them” has clearly show how docile and gullible we are as a people.

The Nigerian Government should hearken to the voice of reasoning. Despite calling them terrorists they’ve remained formidable and fearless before their enemies. The quest to restore Biafra is a fight for survival because if our great grandfathers went through this mess we see today, our grandfathers also went through this same hell in Nigeria, followed by our fathers, and we’re seeing the worst today, what will be the fate of our unborn kids?

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Let’s correct the mistakes of 1967 now that we still have time on our hands. A territory cannot be more important than the people living in it.

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