Gullible Nigerians Who Bewitched You.

If after 29 months of rudderless and bumbling governance


In year 2000, Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo graciously commuted to retirement the dismissal of some Biafran Police officers through a Presidential Amnesty granted on 29th May, 2000. He also went ahead to pay some of them within that period.

Two days ago, President Buhari indicated interest to pay additional 162 of those police officers of their due pensions that was denied them by Nigeria for over 50 years.

Since then, some Buharideens and Sai Buharists have been trying to draw political capital out of nothing. Honestly, from what I see everyday in Nigeria, Nigerians truly deserve the kinds of leadership we have at all levels of governments in the land. We daily pur over nothing. This kind of attitude and genuflecting antics over nothing is not only tragic but very unfortunate .

I have never seen this kind of gullibility and clear lack of capacities to critically analyse germaine national issues before having needless orgasmic excitement over nothing by a majority of us, anywhere else in the world.

That successive governments after Obasanjo failed to pay this little stipend, owed these men and women, who served their fatherland meritoriously over the last 50 years amplifies loudly again the bare fact that Nigeria is a jungle that needs total cleaning/prunning. Please can someone explain to me what is statesmanly or special about selling the crude oil from the Niger Delta and using the monies to pay the pittance and stipend owed these guys? Some are even saying that Buhari is doing great now and will do better after 2019? What the heck?

While Buhari has borrowed billions of dollars over the last two years to rebuild the North East that the people of NE destroyed themselves, nothing has been done to the 3Rs declared by Gowon (a government he was an integral part of) in 1970. Will Buhari’s name change to “dullhari”, if he borrows and commits $5billion to rebuild the South East / Old Eastern Nigeria as a show of good fate over the non-implementation of the 3Rs that were abandoned by successive governments before him?

Will that not show that he is truly repentant/remorseful and has turned away from his gross clannish proclivities?

Will that one not be statesmanly?

Here people are dancing azonto because Buhari approved the payments of pension arears of 162 Biafran Policemen that may not even amount upto N100million? I am so shocked.

May God have mercy on us. If after 29 months of rudderless and bumbling governance, some people are still sai babarying and are not yet convinced that we should send Buhari away in 2019 and elect some other visionary Nigerian that can take us forward then, know it today that of all people created by God, Nigerians are the most miserable and truly deserve something worse than Hitler and Idi amin combined.

Please what we need today is a total restructuring of Nigeria back to her 1963 constitutional framework.
That id the kind of actions that will truly make Buhari a stateman. If he initiates moves and get Nigeria restructured, i shall campaign for him to govern Nigeria till he drops dead.

Let us stop being gullible. Fix your eyes on the ball and refuse to be distracted. These lazy, indolent, perfidious and rudderless political leaders overtime have continued to prove that they are smarter than a majority of us that come to the social media to blow grammar everyday . See how supposedly smart folks are having orgasmic excitements over nothing.

Chineke mere unu nile ebere and God bless.

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