Hypocrisy is a Nigerian, give Biafra a date for referendum.

So stop thinking that the struggle is about me


” If hypocrisy and mediocrity was a country, it will be called Nigeria ”

You struggled to have education, and after graduation you hit the street searching for unavailable job.

Years and years of wasted effort looking for the job that is not there, you decided to start up something on your own.

You stepped into CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION (CAC) to register a company, the Vampires masquerading as government workers milked you dry.

Coming out from the CAC with the useless paper called certificate of incorporation with almost nothing left in your pocket to start the business. You approached the bank for a loan to get you started, the bank, the system created for the interest of the rich requested a collateral you don’t have.

Now you are helpless, hopeless and devastated. You decided to leave this God forsaken country to relocate to saner clime. You approach the Nigerian Immigration Service for an international passport, another round of extortion hit you again, worse than the one you met at CAC. You wriggled it out with your international passport handed to you.

You got to the embassy, the embassy being aware you are running away from hell, they refused you visa. After many repeated attempts with all sorts of fudged document, you are granted visa, your family and friends rejoiced and celebrated your visa, because they know your life is about to change for the best.

On arriving the international airport of the country you are migrating to, you are already a suspect because of the incriminated document (Nigerian passport) you are in possession of.

You face serious scrutiny and interrogation, you look so humiliated before co-travelers from other countries with sane leaderships.

Finally you are allowed in, you breathe some fresh air, and wave bye bye to a life of penury and abject poverty. Just about immediately, you start to experience what living a life is all about.

Then when a fellow citizen who is also frustrated by the system as you were, challenged the status quo that is strangulating everybody, you open your stinking mouth to condemn him and take side with the oppressive political and economic system that chased you away from your motherland.

Let me tell you, when you see me confronting the evil system, don’t think I’m the worst hit. I am very comfortable in life.

I don’t have to lick anybody’s ass to get whatever I need to have a good life. My children’s future is guaranteed. They have a choice to choose any saner country of their choice to make their own.

When the light goes off, I switch over to generator. When the road gets so bad, I get on the SUV.

If there is a need for government agents to do something for me, I bribe my way through as the system demands.

So stop thinking that the struggle is about me, there is nothing personal I aim to benefit.

The driving force behind my struggle is for all of us to be liberated from these shackles of mediocrity. Because I only know we can all be safer and live better when everybody is living a good life.

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