If military violence could crush Biafra, then Biafra would be completely forgotten


military violence against the people of biafra

– By now because no other African nation has endured the level of violence that Biafra has suffered since 1967 when

-Biafra was proclaimed by Nna Anyi; Dim C. Odumegwu Ojukwu (Ikemba), following the barbaric massacre of Easterners living in Northern Nigeria, otherwise known as the1966 anti-Igbo pogrom.

-Just like then, the biggest enemies of Biafra today are Efulefus whom the devil has planted in our midst.

You can show them a live video of a fellow Igbo being killed by an Hausa-Fulani soldier and they’ll find a way to justify such gross violation of our human rights.

Infact they’ll project their own cowardice on you and accuse you of inciting and instigating.

Instead of them to do something about the brutal abuse of their own people who has shown such discipline and restriction all along, they’ll look the other way.

If you ask them to share a video to alert the world or perhaps sign a petition or atleast stop joining our enemies in deliberately distorting our call for a referendum as a call for war, they’ll never do any of the above…

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If you then mention to them that you have no other choice but to defend using well known guerrilla tactics, rather than becoming a coward like them, they’ll tell you that you are the one instigating war.

We can’t get angry at them, afterall even when Christ was here, it was his fellow Jews who spat at him and gave him up to the Roman soldiers to kill him.

What was his crime? He wanted to save the Jews. What is our crime? What crimes did Mazi Nnamdi Kanu (Ohamadike) or my brother Mazi Somto Okonkwo commit?

They are attempting to save our people from this hell fire known as Nigeria which some of our people been brainwashed and mentally enslaved and conditioned to accept…

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Again like the Jews, the struggle will continue until eventually, something will happen which will force all the people to wake up and understand that they themselves are the only obstacle preventing the restoration of their homeland.

Think about it, if Ndi Igbo who are well over 30 million realise their true power and potential, can anybody stand in our way? Mbanu!

There’s a video I shared here on the 30th of May 2017, it was recorded during the Biafra-Nigeria war and it features a courageous Biafran lady saying that “We are fighting for a just cause”…

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That phrase is so powerful and if you understand it, you’ll understand why Biafra can never be crushed by any power under the sun.

May Amadioha strike the Efulefus, Buhari all enemies of Biafra and may Chukwu Abiama give us victory over the enemies of the children of God. Iseé!


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