IPOB has being waiting for Nigeria government or Nigerians to challenge us


BIAFRANDAILYNEWS-Over our declaration that the imposter being paraded as President Buhari is Aminu Jubrin from Sudan.

-As it is at the moment, Aminu Jubrin of Sudan a.k.a President Buhari impostor can never do anything official which Nigeria president should do.

-That is why they continued cancelling FEC meeting because he can’t preside over the meeting as he is not the Buhari which he claims to be.

Should Nigeria government dare IPOB, we are ready to publish everything about the plastic surgery impostor from Sudan because IPOB eagle-eye intelligence unit started following Aso Rock cabals when they started searching for match-able impostor unaware to them…MUST READ:My only wish is that IPOB do not fall for the bait.

But nobody in Nigeria ask any questions about our declaration.

Mazi Onyebuchi Eze
For Family Writers

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