It Started From Ozubulu, But We Were Too Blind To See It


biafrandailynews-To declare Operation Egwueke 11 on Igbos, send military into Igbo land and kill Igbos in their numbers, they needed an attack on a certain OZUBULU CATHOLIC CHURCH. They used it as a ploy to militarize Ala Igbo.

-Not less than 13 faithfuls died right inside that church. It was horrible.

-When we rose up and called the incident by it’s proper name which is ‘STATE SPONSORED TERROR ATTACK’ on hapless church members, they called us names. Some Ozubulu indigenes actually believed their own brother,….


one of their own will actually send drug assassins inside a Church his own blood relations are also worshipping in, to kill people.

When I cried out, a friend told me to stop deceiving the people, that it’s drug fight….

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They put a blind eye to the disturbing questions begging for urgent answers. It didn’t worry them that Nigeria police concluded an investigation to such massacre in less than 24hours without a single arrest.

Barely two months after, Python Dance was lunched. They said kidnapping, drug war, criminal activities is prevalent in Igbo Land. A region that has been rated the most peaceful in the whole of Nigeria.

Even when they didn’t declare any operation surugede dance where Badoo boys and Fulani herdsmen are killing people everyday.

The target is Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB, Igbo and Biafra. Didn’t I told you that Ozubulu massacre was a test run for further attacks on Igbo land.

All of you that bought the suspicious police report on Ozubulu killing, without demanding some logical answers to certain unclear questions, aided this attack on good people of Aba, Umuahia and Port Harcourt….

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Thank God we created awareness on time. Thanks to men and women who put their life and freedom on the line to make sure the world gets the truth.

It has never been easy countering lies from government sponsored Nigeria mainstream media.

They have tortured our youths to death, they have gone house to house shooting people, including women.

A young man going to his shop was shot in the head. They took armored car directly into Nnamdi Kanu’s home, to provoke and assassinate him….

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Let it be known that IPOB is a non violent agitators. They are unarmed and have not killed anyone, even when Nigeria military have killed hundreds of their members.

Their only offense is demanding for referendum for Biafra.

Nigeria military remains the aggressor, and Biafrans victim of their barbarity.

By Elochukwu Nicholas Ohagi

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