Nigerian Leaders Have Been Calling The Country a SH*THOLE Long Before Trump


Nigerian Leaders Have  Been Calling  The Country a SH*THOLE Long Before Trump
Nigerian Leaders Have Been Calling The Country a SH*THOLE Long Before Trump

-Actions, they say, speak louder than words! Most Nigerian leaders and government officials have practically migrated overseas America, Europe and Arabia.

-They siphon the country’s wealth to these places.

-They have residences and businesses there.

They train their children and wards in schools there. They seek healthcare in hospitals there. How else can the Nigerian leaders call the country a “sh*thole”? If they had spent the stolen wealth in the country, maybe they would at least be ‘patriotic’ thieves (assuming there was anything like a patriotic thief).

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Even when they receive foreign financial aids, they share the money among themselves, ferry them back to those foreign countries and squander the monies on luxury and acquisition of personal property.

Imagine the height of contempt the President of Nigeria has against the Judiciary and the Legislature. If it were in a sane and civilized country, President Muhammadu Buhari would have long been kicked out of office.

Instead of using the opportunity of the Presidency he holds to better the lives of all Nigerians, he uses the office solely to arm-twist other sections of the country to succumb to his tribe’s expansionist/colonialist agenda, and where he meets opposition or resistance, it is very well known that he deploys the country’s armed forces and his tribes militia as coercive tools of conquering the other tribes.

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A Biafran proverb says “if one regards his pottery bowl as a scrap, his neighbour will use it to pack garbage”. So, I do not blame Trump. I blame the so-called leaders who, by their backward policies and actions, have turned our homelands into WASTELANDS.

Who will you blame, the cousin that treats you like a trash, or the stranger who sees you messed up and then calls you a trash?

I guess some Nigerians who enjoy living in denial will be angry at the stranger and then forget that if their cousin had not treated them like trash, they would not have looked so messed up and the stranger might not have called them trash.

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