No Referendum No peace


emiliano zapata

-Today, the fulani army of occupation have completely taken over our land, humiliating, dehumanizing and extorting us WHILE the people who call themselves our governors and federal lawmakers are popping Champaign with no care in the world.

-It is confirmed that those governors actually approved the deployment of those soldiers.

-Just yesterday, not less than 20 people were reportedly killed in Plateau state by fulani terrorists who are currently being protected by a powerful army taskforce.

Yet, it is the southeast adjudged the most peaceful region in the whole country that Buhari and his occupying army are interested in.

A demand for referendum IS NOT a crime neither does it amount to a demand for war…. MUST READ:AS KANU REJECT SOUTH EAST GOVERNORS PLEA; INSIST ON BIAFRA REFERENDUM.

Muhammadu Buhari has always stated that boko haram terrorists are freedom fighters who should be negotiated with.

As I type this, Buhari has since given a juicy amnesty package to the dreaded boko haram terrorists while he is currently protecting his marauding fulani herdsmen brethren with a powerful army taskforce. All these are verifiable…READ MORE:Somebody should go and tell the Nigerian government that we shall defend Nnamdi Kanu with the last drop of our blood

Why then is the same govt hellbent on using brute force to suppress the UNARMED Biafra agitators who have not killed even a fly???

If our Abuja lawmakers fiercely protest this dehumanization, will heaven come down??

Sadly, just like Emperor Nero, they’ve all chosen to fiddle while our Rome is afire.

Soon, Buhari and his fellow night walkers will start their idiosyncratic festival of blood against our people.

Recall that the senior army officer, One T.O Ibrahim, who led his colleagues to kill unarmed IPOB members and even bath them with acid inside a church last year where they went to remember their fallen Biafra hero, that soldier has been rewarded with a promotion rather being punished.

I don’t peddle unconfirmed news.

You can verify this yourself….READ MORE:Unchecked Police And Army Extortion In Southeast Nigeria

We are dealing with a people who derive great joy in gifting us with pain and sorrows in the most cruel manner.

And to make matters worse, we are cursed with leaders who would gladly give their consent for us to be slaughtered just so they would keep enjoying their momentary privileged position.

In view of this, it is my belief that this is no time for diplomacy. Because human lives, Igbo lives, are involved here and the urgency of this matter is beyond argument,


For killing an 11 year old Somtochukwu, Rochas Okorocha will get a small jara- his wife’s and most trusted aide, Uche Nwosu’s numbers will make the list. We need to have direct access to our governors and lawmakers, after all, we are their employers while they are our employees.

An employer that does not have direct access to his employee, is that one an employer???

They are collecting millions and billions in our names. It is high time they talked to us.

Those in favour say “Yes”

Those against say “No”

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