Biafra and the fears of minorities.

I hope we aren't fighting to go right back to our own vomit

Biafra Map and Provincies

The Biafra struggle didn’t begin now, those who witness it at the beginning would testify that its not something they would like to see again. Starting from the food shortage, lack of sophisticated weapons to lack of soldiers.The genocide that followed and loss of over 3 million Biafrans including children in the hands of Nigeria soldiers.

The struggle has surfaced again but not as violent as it were, but to what end? Putting the lives of your loved ones in danger, risking a whole lot. How sure are you that the Biafrans would be one, when for example there have been this marginalization of the Delta Ibos.

As they are viewed as ‘not the main Igbos’. Already i can see the line between an already formed major ethnic group and the minor which is still a reflection of Nigeria. Come to think of it would an Igbo man allow an Isoko man rule or even a Calabar man what of Ogoni.

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The minorities have always been a silent group. After the uproar by the Biafrans in the country, are we ready to remain quiet? Wikipedia defines minority as ” a category of people differentiated from the social majority, those who hold the majority of positions of social power in a society, and it may be defined by law “.

Are we ready to remain the onlookers? What assurance do we have of a country we wouldn’t be left at the background as the patriotic citizens with the counting vote.

The Biafran unity (IPOB) does it include Delta, Rivers, Edo, Cross rivers and Bayelsa if yes what assurance do we have that it would remain so if Biafra is finally declared a republic? …

Nigeria i agree has sidelined us including the Ibos a majority group with the Hausa’ always being the president with their ‘born to rule attitude’.

I hope we aren’t fighting to go right back to our own vomit, that would be a disaster. Deep thoughts people.

Remember no going back.

Contributed by: Samira NK for Writers Mind [ Delta State ]

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