Osinbajo; the fulani house boy


Osinbajo; the fulani house boy
Osinbajo; the fulani house boy

-As a Pastor, a Christian and a Southerner, vice President Yemi Osinbajo is a monumental disappointment.

-That man is a crying disgrace to the body of Christ, the legal profession and to all the oppressed voiceless Nigerian Christians who looked up to him for some form of representation in the Fula-Slamic govt of Muhammadu Buhari.

-It is safe, fair, reasonable and logical to conclude that Osinbajo is criminally complicit in these genocide the fulanis are visiting on southerners and Northern Christians.

Many Southerners and Northern Christians who voted the daura-born herdsmAn did so with the hope that Osinbajo would defend and protect them in his own little way should Buhari chose to be the soulless Islamic sadist he’s always been.

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On the legal front, most people expected that Osinbajo would bring his legal SANship to the front burner by defending the constitution should Buhari chose to be his usual tyrant self.

So far, what we’ve witnessed is an Osinbajo who would do and say just about anything to help the fulanis carry on with their demonic agenda against the rest of Nigerians. A typical house nigger and a Butterfly who thinks himself a bird.

From mocking the Restructuring group and describing them as political jobbers to maintaining criminal silence when his own Pastor, (Eunice Elisha) was slaughtered in Abuja by Islamic extremists simply for preaching the gospel and supporting Buhari in treating court ruling with disdain. Now Osinbajo has taken his conscientious idiocy to another morally outrageous level. This time, he had asked victims of fulani herdsmen not to retaliate but to pray for their killers.

We can pretend all we want but the fact is that there is no way Osinbajo can be exonerated from the genocide presidency this rogue govt has since become.

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That he has remained part of this murderous regime till date is enough testament to the fact that he is as integrity-challenged and morally bankrupt as his Principal.

In the end, Osinbajo will go down in history as the man who helped a jihadist scion of Danfodio, Buhari, achieve his devilish aim.

A shame, isn’t it?

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