Someone should go and tell Nigerian government to try another pattern.


lies about IPOB members

 -Currently, these methods they are using is old fashioned. Any day Biafrans will pick up arms against Nigerian government we shall make it open to the world.

-Go and google our history, we don’t run away from battle. Nigerian government is trying to push us to the wall.

lies about IPOB members

-Those individuals who are whispering and advising this current government are pushing this to the limit of no return.

God is our witness, we shall return it the way they want it. IPOB is peaceful and Nigerian government should not force arms on us because it will not do anyone good!

The world should caution Nigerian government to halt this blackmail against IPOB or the consequences will be severe.

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We are not afraid of war, our peaceful disposition and approach should not be seen as cowardice. We are following international democratic footprint in pursuing our dream. IPOB is armless and will continue to be.

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Nigerian government should desist from this blackmail.

IPOB is only asking the government to set a date for a referendum. This forceful marriage is not working and there is nothing anyone can do to make it work. The love we have for Nigeria is dead and buried, allow us to go in peace.

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