The Law Of Attraction Makes The Restoration of Biafra An Inescapable Possibility.



-The Law of Attraction is a natural force begging humans to apply it in all ramifications of their lives. It states that similar things come together; discordant things repel.

-It is not that simple. It can be applied psychologically, scientifically, and revolutionarily. Scientifically speaking, it can be likened to the magnetic field in magnetism that enables poles of different pieces of magnet to produce magnetic field that brings them together.

-Psychologically speaking, the Law of Attraction enables the thinker to use positive thoughts to create good ideas that end up changing the way he feels.

It is another way of saying that one can think positive in order to have a good feeling/mood. It is a mental outlook to things that transmits the right feeling from the object of thought to the thinker.

BIAFRA, being a nation conceived, not actualised, requires the application of this natural law that is responsible for all the results we can see in the world. Between Biafra, the conceived nation, and Biafrans, the conceivers, is a field of attraction that binds the conceivers (Biafrans) to the conceived (Biafra).

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As long as there is a psycho-mental bond between Biafrans and Biafra, Nigeria cannot do anything to thwart the restoration of that in a state of becoming. Yes, wherever you find seekers like Biafrans who yearn for something, the sought-after is already in a state of BECOMING – a state of progressive creation.

Biafra, having been mentally and psychologically extant prior to and after the war has remained in a state of progressive creation.

The renewed agitation under the auspices of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, having toed a different path of peaceful rebirth called referendum, is most likely going to complete the transformation process. Ojukwu started it, and even when there were dissidents in the coastal part of the Old Eastern Region, there were still pockets of those who were attracted.

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The field of attraction spread from Ojukwu in the hinterland and embraced some of the inhabitants of the coast. Uwazuruike reinvented this FORCE FIELD, got the like of Mujahid Dokubo-Asari, but could not sustain it because of his lack of the needed attraction in him. Yes, the force works better when the source (arrowhead) is himself attracted, not dubious. Uwazuruike was dubious, and it is trite that a dubious person grinds the production of the FIELD OF ATTRACTION to a halt.

The field of attraction sparked off by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has surpassed expectation and outlived its natural lifespan in a demonic environment like this.

It means the IPOB has members whose mental and psychological disposition are religiously tuned in. There is the elusive tenacity in this reinvigorated agitation for the restoration of Biafra. The force of attraction between the IPOB and others and Biafra is formidable enough to overcome even the most vicious military clampdown. For the Biafrans of today, it is either Biafra or Biafra.

There is clearly no other option.

The few times Nnamdi Kanu was invited for dialogue with the political class, he made it clear that the overriding decision rested with the ordinary people that needed the change. His ability to outmanoeuvre all the traps set by the political gladiators stemmed from his affinity with the field of attraction. As a man thinketh, so he is. Biafra agitators under Kanu’s incontestable leadership find themselves in a very strong Field of Attraction that makes the restoration of Biafra most possible.

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The Law of Attraction states that whatever consistently preoccupies the thought of the thinker ends up becoming real. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB, and every other group genuinely agitating for the restoration of Biafra have succeeded in mentally separating Biafra from Nigeria. We all take solace in the fact that we can think and discuss issues relating to Biafra. Each time we discuss Biafra, we edge closer to its restoration – the creative power of sustained thinking.

The preponderance of online, print media, and overseas activities geared towards Biafra restoration is speedily pushing the idea from the realm of ideas to reality – the power of force of attraction. Whatever a person is tenaciously and vivaciously attracted to becomes his with the passage of time.

All Biafrans have achieved so far are the results of past efforts. It is time to achieve more by doing more to make the Biafra of our dreams materialise. We cannot be dissuaded now, for we have come too far to throw in the towel.

Between us and the object of our effort is a very short distance. We have got to the final lap of this marathon race. Let the Law of Attraction be the source of our perseverance. BIAFRA, we love. What we love we cannot abandon, no matter how hard the oppressor tries.

New developments in the UN and the US hard stance show that some powerful alliances are available to drive this project further.

Biafra is still in the state of BECOMING. It is our bounden duty to materialise our nation. We must remain within the FIELD OF ATTRACTION in this restoration project. May the Almighty God in heaven, through Jesus Christ our Lord, grant us the fortitude to remain steadfast. Biafra is closer than we think. Let us stay focused.

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