The Nigerian army has no constitutional right to use force against a civilian population


BIAFRANDAILYNEWS-The Efulefu occupying the Abia State government house, should question the killing of unarmed civilians in his state instead of foolishly claiming that Biafran agitation is a criminal activity.

-The right to self determination is not illegal because it is recognised in the charters of both the United Nations and African Union.

-The political entity known as Nigeria was NEGOTIATED in London (with the British government who created Nigeria without respect for the rights/wishes of the indigenous population).

The nonsensical claim that Nigeria is non-negotiable, is illogical and not rooted in historical reality.

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Furthermore, we are demanding a REFERENDUM because using force to keep people together is enslavement.

IPOB is an unarmed group that is pursuing it’s stated objective of restoring Biafra, in a peaceful manner.

However, the Nigerian government can not articulate an intelligent or moral response to the issues raised by IPOB, so the plan of the Nigerian government is to do what they do best, i.e.

spread false allegations and cause chaos, in order to force IPOB to respond violently.

Once IPOB responds violently, they’ll be called terrorists and massacred…..

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Terrorists are not protected under international laws, so it’s easier to get away with war crimes against any group considered a terrorist group.

Go to google and search the killing of Boko Haram’s original leader; you’ll see that although they started off as an unarmed group agitating against political Islam and calling for a return to pure Islam,

Nigerian elites responded with army brutality, so the group took up arms. But, we are smart, the elites can push us to the wall, we will remain non-violent in order to retain the moral and political upper hand.

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Many Nigerians are ignorant, so they are easily deceived into tolerating injustice, mediocrity, police/army abuse, neo-colonial exploitation, misrule e.t.c., just as they’ll all be brainwashed to believe that unarmed IPOB members are a threat to these animals in uniform who have tanks, assault riffles and armoured vehicles.

We will continue to resist the illegal military invasion and occupation of our ancestral homeland to make Nigeria understand that NOTHING can stop BIAFRA, not even death!

May Chukwu Abiama (God of Justice) bless all our fallen heroes. Iseé!

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