Innoson Motors, a show of return to the ancestral way of life led by the Nri Kingdom


Innoson Motors

-History is continually being made with this present generation of Biafrans by their going back to their ancient culture, tradition and religion.

-The Biafran state you see today, was an egalitarian yet unified Kingdom with one language, culture, tradition and religion.

-It is the coming of human evolution that makes it appear as if they were different ethnic groups due to some menial differences brought about by the evolution of their major Igbo language. Of course, such a cause and effect is bound to take its toll on a people very eager to dominate and progress in life.

Today in Israel, what happened to the people of Biafra also happened to them due to the fact that they share the same ancestry in common. In Israel, not only their languages but some of their traditions varies.

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The Jews and the Hebrews do not share same language but that does not in any way dispute the fact that Jacob is their ancestor.

The Nri Kingdom is an ancient kingdom in Biafra land in the present Anambra State which is why today;

Anambra indigenes are the original first sons of Biafra land— this is the home state where the manager of Innoson Motors, Innocent Chukwuma, hails from.

The Nri Kingdom was founded around 900AD by the ancestor, Eri, the son of Gad and Gad the son of the Biblical Jacob.

The people of Nri Kingdom includes the people of Awka and Onitsha to the east of Nri kingdom, the Efik, the Ibibio and the Ijaw to the south, Nsukka and Igala to the north and Asaba and Anioma to the west of Nri.

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Inside these names mentioned above includes other ones like the Itshekiri, Izon, Idoma, etc. Due to human evolution, and as time progresses, many things have changed but some of their traditions remained unique and unchanged till date

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