Ugly Turn-Out Of Events And Subsequent Disturbing Development In Nigeria


Nnamdi Kanu radio
Ugly Turn-Out Of Events And Subseqent Disturbing Development In Nigeria

-Radio Biafra as it is known today is shaped and midwifed by Nnamdi Kanu.

-The messenger of the Most High God, an oracle and citadel of Truth, Integrity and Courage in the face of adversity, uncommon danger and sustained cycle of intimidation by sons and daughters of perdition who are the agents of the most abominable entity called Nigeria.

-In view of what is happening in the failed and rogue state called Nigeria of late,.

the leadership of Indigenous People of Biafra under the supreme and unified command led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has decided that for the next two weeks starting from Friday 19 January 2018, there would be replay of the previous broadcasts of our supreme leader.

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The purpose is for the world to judge if his persecution by the rogue Islamic, sharia Republic of Nigeria and her agents spearheaded by the so-called South-East governors and the disorientated, Northern Hausa-Fulani Caliphate-controlled Ohaneze Nidigbo is justified in the light of the divine-inspired, highly intellectual, forensic autopsy of and expose on Nigeria of all the atrocities and misguided and misapplication of instruments of power and governance.

From every ramification, Nnamdi Kanu is unarguably a prophet that should be celebrated and not vilified.

Consequently, we are placing these broadcasts of his in the court of global public opinion for the world to pass a verdict on whether any actions by our supreme leader, Nnamdi kanu is considered treasonable.

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We assert that Nnamdi kanu has come to liberate and not in any way to the contrary. We, therefore, invite all and sundry to listen to Radio Biafra as already stated earlier and get more enlightened and liberated from the arrested development of intellectual and lethargic mental stupor.

Our listening posts are: via satellite, FM relay stations in Biafraland and on CHK 102.1-3;

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