Using force to keep people together is slavery.



-President Buhari and the Army should remember that Sometimes last year the Civilians of Turkey over powered the military and their tank.

-Last month the citizens also over powered the military in Togo.

-Well Mr Buhari lacks strategy and thinking head. He is dumb, his NIA chief is dumb, his Service men are dumbest. His NSA is worst dumb.

A Tyrant don’t listen to advice.

If Buhari should force the Southeast to war. It will escalate to all Southern Region. It will be out of control and he can’t manage it.

And the only solution to ending such war is dialogue that will birth referendum and a country will be born out of Nigeria.

You people should go and tell him…MUST READ:No Referendum No peace

Thank you.

▪John Juj

Umuahia Massacre: They are claiming road block…

Was that not what they claimed on Shiites massacre?

Going to do show of force at Kanu’s hometown at a volatile period such as this shows that some persons have no brain…

So the cabal does not have one person among them that has sense? I know that they are using the name of Buhari to max themselves, but the fire they are kindling will engulf them and cut them off.

You are in a democracy and you are practising military style of autocracy.

BY:Steve Okoh

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