I have question for all Nigerians because my questions are not difficult.



-What did Northerners contribute in the name of one Nigeria?

-Hawsa -Fulani did not contribute anything for the well being of Nigeria.

-(1) in the movie industry = igbos/Efik/Ibibio/Ijaw/Igala/Ibira and Yoruba

(2) in the music industry = Igbos/Urhobo/Ijaw/Esan/Itshekiri/Ijaw/Edo and Yoruba
(3) in the foodball = Igbos/Edo/Ibibio/Efik/Edo/Itshekiri/Isoko/Tiv/Idoma and Yoruba
(4) in the mineral resources (crude oil) = Igbo/Ijaw/Urhobo/Isoko/Ibibio/Efik/
(5) in economic infrastructure = only Igbos/Yoruba

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This is what Northerners contribute:
(1) Boko Haram
(2) Fulani Herdsmen
(3) Discrimination in the name of Islam
(4) Nepotism and segregation
(5) Violence
(6) Monopoly of essential commodities

Now come to food:

(1) the Middle Belt contribute 40% of food
(2) the igbos contribute 25% of food
(3) the Yoruba contribute 25% of food
(4) the Hausa Fulani (cattle) 10% of food

Biafrans can produce food. Arewa Hawsa Fulani cannot produce (crude oil, gas or personal enterprise).

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