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-The EFCC is one agency I believe is headed by a man who is of a very distant relation with what it takes to fightcorruption in the 21st century world.

-The way and manner the EFCC boss, Ibrahim Magu has been piloting the affairs of the antigraft agency would leave sane folks wondering if his so called anti-graft war wasn’t exactly what Shakespeare’s tragic character,

-Macbeth was referring to when he described life as “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

In addition to president Buhari’s insincerity, the modus operandi of the EFCC in its so called anti-graft war remains one of the biggest obstacles to the fight against graft.

I am forced to believe that it is either the EFCC boss is lying to us and deliberately wasting tax-payers money with regards to the sham that is the anti-graft war or he is lying to himself. Either way, he is lying about something and the lie is so puerile and beyond obvious that I think it’s high time someone called him out on this.

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Mr Magu’s EFCC told us that Col.Sambo Dasuki, the immediate past NSA stole our $2.2billion arms fund.

The ruling APC govt strongly support this claim. The PDP under which Dasuki served has continued to maintain the monies shared by Dasuki were not arms money but campaign fund.

Even the president under whom Dasuki served has come out to state the ex NSA couldn’t have stolen the $2.2billion arms fund. Some people believe the monies were from the security votes.

One thing is however not in doubt here. And that is that monies were shared by Dasuki. The exact source of these monies is what is yet to be established.


Mind you, Dasuki’s guilt or innocence would depend largely on the source of this money.

What would a responsible EFCC do???

Here, let me help: A responsible anti-graft agency would immediately expedite action in trying Dasuki with a view to really establishing the source of the monies shared by him to enable it either get a guilty verdict against the ex-NSA or the opposite so that Nigerians could bring closure to one of the biggest and most publicized corruption cases in Nigerian history.

What has this EFCC done??

Again, permit me: In conjuction with the DSS, the Ibrahim Magu-headed EFCC has done everything both humanly and spiritually possible to frustrate the Dasuki trial.

If the govt chief prosecuting counsel, Rotimi Jacob (SAN) wasn’t pleading for adjournment on the ground that the DSS holding Dasuki had failed to produce him in court, the EFCC counsel would be doing same on the ground that the govt chief prosecuting counsel was busy with another case in another court.

And this is when the DSS wasn’t telling the court that Dasuki couldn’t come to his trial because he refused to dress up on time. Please, feel free to Google this. This is the same people who instituted the trial. For over one year now!

This is not even what ails me with regards to this grand deception that is the anti-corruption war.

What I find criminally offensive and a very big insult on our collective intelligence as a people is the fact that the EFCC has continued to play to the gallery by arresting those who received money from Dasuki and expecting us to see that as a genuine attempt at fighting corruption even when the same EFCC has not made genuine effort to establish the source of the Dasukigate which would possibly lead to the conviction of the Sokoto-born ex-soldier and leave us with some level of hope of getting conviction against those he shared the monies with.

Here is what is legally odd about the EFCC handling of this whole Dasuki case.

In law, to convict a man of receiving stolen property, you must first establish that the property was actually stolen by convicting the main man who stole it.

To convict someone of the offence of aiding and abetting a particular crime, you must first convict the main person who commited the said crime because this is the only way you can prove that a crime was actually commited which the other person aided and abetted.

You cannot be vigorously trying to secure a conviction against a man for buying stolen property when you have not even made effort to establish beyond reasonable doubt that the property was actually stolen because this is the major ground upon which the conviction of the property buyer rests IF and only IF you can prove he knowingly bought the stolen property.

To convict someone of the offense of accessory to murder for instance, you must first prove a murder actually happened and you cannot prove a murder case without establishing there was a murder victim including his identity and how he was murdered including what you suspect was the motive of the suspected murderer. This is how complicated it is to prove a criminal case.

How in the name of the spirit does Magu’s EFCC intend to convict all those standing trial for receiving money from Dasuki when it has not even gone up to 40% in the trial of the main suspect, Dasuki??

I think we’ve done enough of the rhetorics and sensationalism. How about we get a little practical here??

Does Magu’s EFCC intend to really establish the true source of those monies shared by Dasuki or does the EFCC intend to keep feeding us with sensationalism until the end of this govt??

We need to overcome our emotion and ask real questions here.

Why is this govt deliberately frustrating Dasuki’s trial even after giving it too much media publicity?? Why is the EFCC and the DSS playing hide and seek with this all important trial?? How does the EFCC intend to convict those who got money from Dasuki when it was yet to establish that the monies shared by Dasuki was actually from a “wrong” source.

Just last week, the EFCC witness who is a staff of the CBN told the court that the money Dasuki paid to Raymond Dokpesi was released by the CBN through due process and that the CBN was still releasing money to the current NSA under Buhari govt the exact way it was releasing money to the former NSA, Dasuki.

The implication of this revelation is that assuming the monies shared by Dasuki were from the security votes, this current NSA is still receiving the same outrageous sum from the CBN and sharing same to only God knows who. And if the Dasukigate money was PDP’s campaign fund, it means the APC equally had the same outrageous sum and probably shared theirs to even boko haram or the Fulani herdsmen.

Remember, it is far easier for an intelligent prosecutor to get a conviction against Dasuki with regards to this money that it is to get a conviction against any of those who got money from him because if they could prove they actual did something for the ex-president jonathan or his govt and he directed them to get their fees from the NSA,

it would be very difficult if not impossible to convict them of any wrongdoing in the court of law EVEN IF you were able to prove the money was from a criminal source (which you are yet to do) unless you were able to prove they knew about the criminal nature of the source of the money and still went ahead to receive it.

Forget the noise we make on social media. Court judgements are not gotten based on our social media noise. Court deals with fact and what the law says about a particular case.

In criminal trial of this nature, if one of the accused like Raymond Dokpesi for instance could prove he actually rendered media services to the ex-president jonathan and he (Jonathan) directed the ex-NSA to pay him, you would find it almost impossible to convict him of any wrongdoing in a court of law.

Before you start jumping up when next the Ibrahim Magu-headed EFCC tells you how one newly arrested Mr Okonkwo had admitted receiving one trillion naira from Dasuki, ask Mr EFCC chairman the extend he has gone in prosecuting the main suspect, Dasuki who shared all the monies by establishing the source which is the most important step towards successfully prosecuting those who got monies from him.

I’ve said this before and it bears repeating now, with the way this govt is going with the Dasuki trial; by inventing silly excuses to delay the trial and asking for it to be done in secret, it appears they are some very dirty things the Dasuki trial would reveal about the current Buhari govt which is why the govt is more comfortable with just holding Dasuki in detention rather than trying him in the law court. With this move, this govt is only prolonging a “Not Guilty” verdict for Dasuki and co.

The unfortunate thing here is that when the No guilty verdict eventually comes, less discerning Nigerians will blame the presiding Judges for going to Yamasokolo and Oaugadugu to collect bribe to free Dasuki and co instead of blaming the hopelessly clueless and criminally inept EFCC for doing a bad job.

In criminal law, you must prove your allegations beyond all reasonable doubt. As a prosecuting counsel, the evidence in your kitty must be unimpeachable. You can never get a conviction by playing to the gallery as the EFCC is currently doing with this arms fund trial.

Rushing to the media with tales of how Mr “A” has admitted collecting one billion pound from Dasuki to use in buying ice cream can only sensationalize the gullible public, not discerning ones. It might even get you a conviction against Mr “A” in the court of public opinion but make no mistake,

it won’t convince any Judge in a court of law to give you a guilty verdict against Mr “A” because receiving one billion pounds for ice cream is not a crime on its own. We need to keep our sentiments at home and look at this issue the way a judge would look at it.

Now, let us assume for one second that these monies shared by Dasuki were from that free money they call security votes, how would the EFCC convict Dasuki? Don’t forget, while you and I look at the moral tragedy in Dasuki giving out millions and billions for frivolities while we the poor folks were languishing in penury,

the Judge looks at what the law says about security votes. And going by the law, the custodian of security votes could practically dole out the money to his wives, children, friends and co as long as he believes such a move would improve security.

He could even give out half of the entire money to a well known criminal gang or terrorist group. All that is required here is for him to be convinced that such a move would help improve security.

That’s all! The worst part is that the custodian doesn’t even have to account for this money. Please read up on this just so you don’t think I’m making this up.

And remember, according to the testimony of a senior CBN official, the CBN is still releasing outrageous sum of money to the current NSA the exact way it was releasing to Dasuki. A serious people would work towards scrapping that fraudulent waste pipe known as the security vote but we are anything but a serious people. As I type this, over 6 trillion budgeted in the 2016 budget has gone down the drain.

The Buhari govt is on the verge of borrowing the single highest foreign loan by any govt in recent history to the tune of NINE TRILLION naira.

No one is asking what happened to the over 6 trillion in the budget.

No one is asking how the APC managed to match the PDP money for money, private jet for private jet, media for media etc during the last campaign. Did the APC prosecute its own campaign with sand from the river Niger?? Who was the APC ‘s own Dasuki??

It is such a walking shame that this govt has discovered how petty and frivolous we are as a people. We are easily carried away by news of arrests of one high profile ex-govt official over corruption allegation. The govt has since discovered our ‘mumu’ button and that is the term “corruption”. That word seem to give us orgasm a lot. Once we hear it, we tend to throw common sense to the wind. That is why the govt told us that our Judges went to Bermunda triangle to receive bribe and none of us bothered to ask who were the bribe givers.

Have we ever bothered to ask why the EFCC is always leaking findings of its own ongoing investigation to the media rather than quietly gathering the evidence and heading straight to the court to secure conviction against those suspects??

The EFCC has since gotten all the names of all those who got money from Dasuki but for some reasons which have nothing to do with altruism, the anti-graft body is refusing to prosecute this case with seriousness. What the so called anti-graft agency does is wait for when public outcry against Buhari’s clueless govt is at its loudest for it to announce the arrest of one high profile figure who got money from Dasuki and how that profile figure hid the money inside his wife’s cooking pot or his late mother’s casket. This will now distract the gullible masses and keep them busy for a week or two. Meanwhile, the EFCC knew it could never secure a conviction against any of those persons without first convicting Dasuki. This whole action movie-styled charade is just to keep us entertained, busy and distracted while the current set of soulless crooks we have in govt keep raping our future and that of our children. Have we asked how we are gonna pay the $30billion the Buhari govt wants to borrow. That is not less than 9trillion naira. And no one has told us what happened to all the trillions in the 2016 budget with just two months to the end of this fiscal year.

This govt is perpetrating the worst form of corruption while giving us the impression that it is fighting corruption. Do we still remember Jafar Isa, a very close friend of president Buhari who was accused of receiving money from Dasuki?? The EFCC invited this man to its office and let him go almost immediately with the excuse that he had returned 100 million and had promised to rush home to bring the balance. Have we heard anything again regarding Jafar Isa and the remaining balance??

Buhari’s so called anti-graft war remains a farce. This is not the surprise, though. The big surprise is how this govt managed to convince supposedly well lettered folks and some foreign countries that it is fighting corruption.

By Charles Ogbu.

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