According to professor Itsa Sagay, the chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, those who are criticizing Buhari over 8 dead appointees are Lilliputians, stupid and mentally idle.


 Itse Sagay
Itse Sagay

-Hear him

-Do they (Nigerians) expect the presidency to go knocking from door to door 24 hours before the announcement to ask who was dead or alive…..?”

-For those who do not know who Itsa Sagay is, he is a professor of law, a Senior Advocate of Nigerian, ex dean of the faculty of law, University of Benin. Prof. Sagay is the man whose book every law student must read.

When it comes to constitutional law, he is an expert. And remember, lawyers are popularly referred to as “learned people”

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This our chief lawyer here, a whole professor of law and SAN, does not know that something called Due Diligence ought to be carried out by the office of the govt Chief Scribe (SGF) and other relevant media aides to the president before any announcement of appointment is made.

Professor Itsa Sagay does not know that the relevant security agencies were supposed to do security vetting on the appointees before their names are announced.

Professor Sagay does not know that assuming without conceding that the list was prepared years ago, last minute check should still have been carried out on it before the announcement seeing as two years was enough for one or some of the appointees to have “sinned” and fallen short of the security requirement or other sundry pre-requisites for govt appointments.

It is understandable for an intellectually-kwashiokored senile Muhammad Buhari to forget his own age, give appointments to the same dead people to whose family he sent a condolence message on their demise etc.


What I find uniquely appalling is for a well lettered man such as Prof.Sagay to continue to subject his intellect to bottomless ridicule in a desperate bid to defend a criminally useless rogue regime such as this govt.

One thing the Buhari govt has exposed beyond reasonable doubt is the fact that here in Nigeria, education is hugely over-rated.

Indeed, there are numberless demons troubling this British Experiment. Buhari is but the least of them.

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