I Was A Hater Of Nnamdi Kanu but love him now.

He said that politicians loot our money and use it to invest outside the country whereby creating employments opportunities there and creating unemployment opportunities here for us.


I was a hater of Nnamdi Kanu, but now, he is the man i love. I once preached against him and IPOB especially when he was attacking our people by calling them names on Radio Biafra London (RBL).

It was so hard for me to relax and have a second thought about the direction he is going because I was blinded by sentiments.

I already knew our leaders never meant good for their people. Miraculously, one day I stopped to listen to the sense he is making and not to listen to those names he calls me.

After that day, it dawned on me that this man is the answer to the worries of millions of youths.


This man came saying that the youths are suffering and that it needs to stop. He said that politicians loot our money and use it to invest outside the country whereby creating employments opportunities there and creating unemployment opportunities here for us.

He said that they send their children to study in outside countries leaving us here to their broken universities that are always on strike.

He said that this money they loot should have been used to build companies, industries, improve infrastructure and provide adequate basic amenities so as to create opportunities for the youths.

He said that the promises our politicians make is to win elections and after that, they will not think of us. That those promises are like promises a man makes to a woman on bed- I know this one before he said it.

He asked why the international seaports and airports in South-south and Southeast which are supposed to make life easier for the inhabitants of those areas, are not working. I can’t finish everything he said here. But all these are true.

I now realise that I was among the mixed multitude the Holy Bible talked about that was following Moses, telling him that he should have allowed them to remain in Egypt rather than die while getting out of their hell (Egypt).

I now realise that I was among those Indians that were kicking against the Father of Indian nation Mahatma Gandhi when he was fighting for the Indian independence from the hands of Britain.

I now realise that I was among those Spartans that were telling king Leonidas and his 300 men not fight against the marginalisation of the Greeks by the Persians (King Xerses). Now am back to my senses.


How he presents his ideas and advice no longer matter to me. Whether he insults or not is not the answer. The sense he is making is what I love most.

Imagine me; he called me “Onye iberibe nwuru anwu’’- a dead fool. But I don’t care. Of course I was a dead fool for being ignorant all these years. In fact, he exercised mercy on me by calling me a dead fool. I was a foolish idiot.

Its even better for him to rain insults on me and better my life than to rain good words on me like the politicians do and ruining my life the more.


He said that the solution of our problems lies in the division of the country, i can recall in secondary school, they said that a country is formed by the union of people of the same value system. But in Nigeria, we have three divergent value systems all in one country.

There is no such country in the world that has three divergent value systems. Then how can we succeed in such a country? We all can do well in our separate nations.

He called on us to stop supporting evil and rejecting God’s sents who say the truth. He asked us Oduduwa, Arewa and Biafran youths, brace up for the truth and we shall see salvation. He Mazi Nnamdi Kanu brought salvation in a language we will listen to but may not understand.

The current crop of leaders know that this man’s vision is for the youths and generation yet unborn . That is why they are after him because they don’t mean well for us the youths.

Am so worried that some of us youths have fought against our saviour. Though am not surprised because even when the Son of God came, many were still supporting Herod and others.

Advice yourselves brothers and join in in total support for IPOB.

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