Just Before We Crucify Jonathan


Ex President good luck ebele jonathan

-We need to ask the following questions:

-Did Justice Okon Abang actually issue a Subpoena mandating the ex President to appear before him to testify??
-I mean, apart from Paper headlines announcing the Subpoena, did anyone read anywhere that Justice Okon Abang, on Monday, 23rd October, specifically subpoenaed Jonathan to appear before him on Wednesday the 25th of the same October??
Was it that Olisah Metuh’s lawyers prayed the Judge to issue the subpoena??
Will a reasonable Judge issue a Subpoena against anyone who is not even a party to a suit to appear just to testify within just 48 hours??
When then will the person be served considering that a Subpoena is meant to be PERSONALLY served on the said person and even in the case of substituted service such as newspaper or the person’s office etc, the permission of the Judge is still required??..
Now, seeing as Justice Abang is a “Cabu-Cabu” Judge whose judgement almost always get overturned by the appellate court, it is not entirely unreasonable to believe he is capable of issuing such a Subpoena for GEJ to appear within 48 hours. But this will now raise the question of whether the ever-smiling Zoologist was personally served with the Subpoena within such a short time of between Monday to Wednesday being today.
Or was he served only on social media and newspapers??
Answers to the above questions are necessary if we must debate this issue from a position of Knowledge

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