The logic of boycotting the Anambra Guber election

We must continue to boycott till a new system of Government we can trust is ushered in by our trusted leaders, with or without referendum, leading to Biafra restoration.

Anambra Election Boycot
Anambra Election Boycot

It amazes me that there are Nigerians and Igbo’s that don’t understand the logic and vital importance of boycotting the Anambra elections.

One of the most stupid sets of Igbos are those who say that IPOB should have fielded people for elections.

Buhari ‘s response to IPOB was to imprison Nnamdi Kanu, attack his home, kill innocent Igbos and possibly killed Nnamdi Kanu himself and declared IPOB terrorist.

You must be foolish indeed not to have seen that anything associated with IPOB can never win even a ward election under Buhari not to think of Governorship.

But then there is a more detailed answer and here is the logic!

Each time we vote we have to choose between the same set of crooks. So whether we vote or not, we will get crooks who are not interested in our welfare, are self serving and will defend the interest of the North and status quo. Why? Because that is how Nigeria has become structured.

So there is really no point in voting.

Rather than just not vote let us use it positively, in a proactive way to record an indirect referendum towards actualising Biafra.

By getting a massive boycott we make international news that says to Nigeria and the world that most Igbos have rejected Nigeria. The success of this boycott will mobilise more Biafrans and build a stronger base of committed people willing to fight for their freedom.

A total boycott will rattle the Nigerian State. It will wake up the rest of the South that election boycott is a legitimate act of civil disobedience that can disrupt the legitimacy of the Government and Fulani hierarchy.

This will lead to a massive election boycott in 2019 throughout the South as Southerners cry for Freedom.


The 2019 massive boycott will begin to make international waves like Catalonia and the Kurds. The massive Nigerian election boycott will be the news not the elections. During this process, we would have evolved our own ways of electing our leaders who will have greater legitimacy in representing us than the Nigerian elected leaders.

It is those our new leaders that will represent us, tax us, organise us and work towards our full liberation through the United Nations, whilst the legitimacy of the Nigerian leadership would have been undermined by boycotts.

Our official and preferred representatives will then lead us through the steps for actualising Biafra through the United Nations and any other actions that need to be taken to achieve full Independence including unilateral declaration.

Where do we get these leaders we trust?

Through our town and village unions. IPOB must mobilise to elect pro-Biafra town and village leaders, who in turn elect LGA leaders, then State leaders and finally, the Biafra leader. It is them that will be elected outside the Nigerian structure.

It is them that will have our legitimacy. It is them that will help us dethrone the Nigeria elected leaders and win our liberation.

Participating in the elections based on the Very Fraudulentand skewed 1999 constitution we want to extricate ourselves from simply amounts to legitimising same constitution.

Participating in the election will amount to giving Buhari and Buratai a thunderous 4-year Standing Ovation for the murderous Operation Python Dance that killed many of our brothers and sisters uselessly.

The current political setting has rendered our so-called political leaders, who owe their allegiance to Abuja, impotent. Participating in the election to vote in any of them in Anambra will never move the Biafra cause by one inch.

Somebody will be at Government House, Oka, no doubt. Let it be made clear that we are not the ones electing our future oppressors.

We elected Obiano on the platform of APGA. What is his scorecard with respect to Biafra agitation.

Umahi, elected on the platform of PDP, was quoted to be begging Buhari of APC to run again in 2019.

Okorocha, elected on APGA ticket has moved over to APC.

What are the guarantees on the current candidates some people want us to vote for as far as Biafra freedom is concerned?

Nigeria is Fulani Hausa structured. Lets ask why Ojukwu formed APGA. ?

What happened to the election he won to represent Anambra at the Senate under NPN,? where Sokoto Caliphate reminded Shagari of the consequences of bringing Ojukwu near the Senate legally.

The result of that warning resulted to Edwin Onwudiwe of NPP was thrown up as the winner. Unbelievable with the clout and astuteness of Ojukwu ?

We mus continue, they will only believe when it is done.! Don’t ever underrate the raw capacity of people WHO Are wounded and determined for a goal______Determination in unity is the ideal method.

The call for Boycott of elections is for the entire Igbo land. Anambra Governorship election is just the first major one- not the only one.

Let us all stand in unity of purpose – come what may – just as we did on 29th May. #Boycott All Boycottables for Biafra’s sake.

So what is the vital importance of boycotting the Anambra elections? Simple.

We must continue to boycott till a new system of Government we can trust is ushered in by our trusted leaders, with or without referendum, leading to Biafra restoration.

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