Operation Python Dance and the rented IPON crowd.

The failed tactics of the federal government to justify their Operation Python Dance

Igbo People Of Nigera

IPON rally was a solemn activity to mark the end of Operation Python Dance. The failed tactics of the federal government to justify their Operation Python Dance has been revealed.

” The IPON rally was an organized rally by the government who dressed us in Igbo attire to march in support of the python dance conducted by the military. At least we were refreshed and paid ” Emnanuel Gauzu.

The poor abuja jobless women who have no option but to find their daily bread were given soy milk and snacks, joined the rented IPON crowd 30 something persons convened at the Unity Fountain in Abuja before heading to the Presidential Villa.

The group under the aegis Igbo People of Nigeria (IPON) said they appreciate President Buhari and the Nigerian army for the successful completion of the Operation Python Dance in the southeast region.

led by IPON’s national coordinator, Uche Chegwo said: “Like other patriotic persons from the other ethnic groups, members of IPON have strong faith in the unity of Nigeria and a strong belief that we are stronger together and that we stand to gain more as one strong, united and indivisible entity as opposed to being fragmented into little statelets and micro-nations that are unable to take on the corporate vampires of the world.”

The sponsors as organized with the Nigeria media, took pictures of the rally and sent it to media house and online blogger who are reporting it to show the world that many Igbo’s supports the python dance and are solidly behind Buhari killings of IPOB members during the python dance.

After the rally, they where refreshed and paid off, while contacts where taken for further rallies by the same pro Buhari group led by Uche Chegwo.

The scenario been played out has called for the manipulation of poor citizens by the government of this dispensation should be questioned. People should not be deceived anymore.

Yes we can have Igbo People of Nigeria “IPON ” who believe the current status quo of Nigeria should remain, and we have Indigenous People of Biafra ” IPOB ” who demands for a referendum.

A yes and No vote will end all this present agitations an in Nigeria.

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