To dose Who Asked Some Interesting Questions Regarding Our Origin;


To dose who asked some interesting questions regarding our origin;

-Let me begin by stating as a matter of fact, that; out of the 3 major ethnic groups in Nigeria, Ndi Igbo are the ONLY group that can claim to be indigenous to their current geographic location.

-The Portuguese were the first to arrive to our part of Africa in search of human beings to enslave, and according to Maps of Africa produced during the period of their arrival,.

-Biafra’ was the name of the most Eastern part of the gulf of Guinea. Ndi Igbo are indigenous to the bight of Biafra, a bight is a curve or recess in a coastline, and the bight of Biafra extends east of the Bight of Benin, from the River Niger to Cape Lopez in Gabon.

It also extends to the bay of Cross River, Wouri River, Nyong River et cetera. The Nigerian government changed the name from bight of Biafra to Bight of Bonny.

The name Biafra has nothing to do with France as he claims, a claim which amounts to confirmation bias because his source is the British Broadcasting Service.

As we know, the British supported Nigeria during the war, and the French who are traditional rivals of the British simply made a strategic political move by supporting the enemy of their ‘enemy’.

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So, don’t believe anyone claiming that the French had anything to do with the name Biafra. The name Biafra was suggested as the name of the new nation by an Ijaw member of the Eastern consultative Assembly, his name is Mr. Frank Opigo, a former principal of Okrika Grammar School; Commissioner for Rural Development and Biafra’s administrator of Yenegoa Province during the war.

He also asked who the Igbos fought in ancient times, well, unlike feudal societies in which conflicts often arose due to aristocrats competing for power and influence as well as Monarchs expanding their territories, ancient Igboland was peaceful. In the Igbo religious worldview, the shading of human blood is an abomination, anybody that dares to kill a fellow human was banished from the land, a custom that was still practiced even during the onset of British colonial rule.. haven’t you read Things Fall Apart?

The ancient Igbos practiced religious pacifism and didn’t go to war with anybody until the slave trade era when things fell apart and a warrior class emerged. Even during the rise of Benin, they never invaded Igboland, yet they invaded Lagos, the reason is because Nri, the oldest continuous kingdom in Nigeria was known in these parts for having very good ‘charms’ which the kings of Benin were aware of and hence why skilled Igbo medicine men were allowed into the Benin Empire, they later returned after a conflict with an Oba of Benin.

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He also claimed that we were nude, this is true but as i have pointed out previously, our ancestors were partly naked because to survive in the tropical rain-forest in an era without sophisticated medical science, the less you wear, the more chances of survival, because the tropics is full of deadly germs and bacteria which can easily be burnt off under the sun when it is on a bare skin, but can hide under clothes and taken home if one wear too much cloths, so don’t join the colonists in erroneously thinking that nudity equals lack of civilization, after all, we were partly nude yet we still produced the oldest bronze works in West Africa, a system of government, religious worldview, and Igbo philosophy, not forgetting our amazing culture.

The Hausa-Fulani are settlers as their history points out, same as the Yoruba who are not indigenous to the geographic location known as Nigeria or the geographic areas they occupy today in Nigeria,They’re settlers who can be found in Benin Republic, Togo, Nigeria et cetera, the Igbo is not native to any other part of the world apart from Igboland in the bight of Biafra. Igbo population outside of Igboland is as a result of the slave trade and colonial/post-colonial economic migration.

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