In 586 BC, the great middle eastern power known as Babylon destroyed the first Jewish holy temple.


BIAFRANDAILYNEWS-In 586 BC, the great middle eastern power known as Babylon destroyed the first Jewish holy temple and sent some of the population of the Kingdom of Judea into exile.

-After the Babylonians, Oyibo (Romans) came to rule the Jews but in 66 CE the Jewish population rebelled against the Roman Empire.

-Four years later, in 70 CE, Roman legions under Titus retook and destroyed much of Jerusalem and the Second Temple.

Since then, the Jews of the Middle East remained in Europe and other parts of the world until during the Second World War when another Oyibo decided to kill 6 million of them, the main reason for this barbaric crime against humanity is envy; the Jews were doing extremely well in Europe.

In Jewish history, the Jews were supposed to go back to their land in the Middle East and build a third temple; but they didn’t do this, instead they preferred to become Europeans; they intermarried, assimilated, even adopted new names. While they were building castles and making money in Europe, their Arab cousins (Palestinians) occupied the ancestral lands and today they’re still engaged in a land dispute.

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In 1905, the British burnt Arochukwu, forced the Eze Nri out of Nri for the first time in iGBo history, by 1914 they joined us with people we don’t know and said we are Nigerians. They gave power to Muslims and built all the institutions outside Igboland which made us leave our lands to become migrants in other parts of Nigeria.

When the British left the Muslims continued to act as the colonial masters. By 1966, 30,000 igbos were killed after we were blamed for attempting to challenge Northern (Muslim) hegemony.

The next year, we rebelled and proclaimed our own republic sensing the game they were playing, they ganged up, bombed us like we weren’t even human beings, raped our mothers, starved millions of our children to death and we got tired of fighting alone and stoped. After that we were forced into economic exile.. back we went to the lands of the colonial masters and their Muslim allies.

50 years later, we’ve been wandering all over the world, while our land, our culture, our heritage even our language slowly becomes extinct.

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The average Igbo don’t know anything about his heritage or history. Just like the Jews, all attempts to get them to go back and reclaim their lands is like pouring water on a rock.

They’ve become successful in exile so it has blinded them and clouded their reasoning. Onye Igbo lets go and reclaim our ancestral land biko, Onye Igbo says capital NO! In fact Onye Igbo gets very angry that you’re telling him or her to come back and reclaim his land. He shout back in anger; what about the hotel I built in Abuja? What about the mansion I own in overcrowded Lagos? What of my children in Obodo Oyibo?

You can see that Onye Igbo is acting exactly like the Jew of the Middle East who refused to go back and build Israel…… until it became too late.

I’m thinking 500 years ahead.., when your descendants suddenly wake up to realise that their success in exile actually makes them scapegoats and easy targets because they can never be indigenes of Lagos, and if something goes wrong for the indigenes of Lagos,

for instance they end up selling all their lands to ndigbo today and in 500 years time their descendants starts demanding the lands back because they’re now tenants in their own ancestral homeland, before you know it they’re saying igbos are kidnappers and ritualists and then they gang up and start killing all the igbos. Ofcourse the igbos will remember they have a home, just like the Jews, they’ll run back home but when they get there; their cousins from calabar, Akwa Ibom, Igala, et cetera has settled all over and the Igbo will now start dragging land with them.

I’m like a prophet warning you now in advance like the Jews were warned. Telling you to stop ‘carrying’ other people’s nsogbu on your heads, telling you to embrace your heritage, your culture, your history, and your land.

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Telling you to build your land now even if it means eliminating all those who are taking advantage of what has happened to us; I’m talking about Igbo politicians who are standing in the way of our development and liberation, acting like bloody Nigerian rulers.
Look to your homeland oh Ndi Igbo!

I’m taking about this because I’m concerned about the igbos of Northern Nigeria. The northern Muslims will take out their anger on them and nobody will protect them.

It has happened so many times in the past and can happen again. So, I’m saying let’s focus on our burning house instead of chasing rats.

Our people can be very straight forward, I saw them all over the comment sections of international news media’s attacking Muslims on behalf of Israel, that’s why I started talking about this to warn them that it isn’t in our strategic interest to carry this middle eastern religious fuelled land dispute on own heads.

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