United Nations Of Jokers



-One of the biggest jokes of the year which could be dubbed as a Christmas joke was cracked on Thursday December 21, 2017.

-when the UN General Assembly in New York voted 128-9 to declare US recognition of Jerusalem asIsrael’s capital ‘null and void’.According toTrump, Any person who takes what they did seriously must be a comedian.

I lau-ghed as I watched the nations of the earth ridicule themselves in the so called debate and voting. What the UN did means nothing. Yes, they have aright to discuss and vote.

They cant enforce it! The joke ends at voting. It is not binding on US and lsrael. It is not implementable. US is moving its embassy to Jerusalem and the Jews are in control of their eternal capital Jerusalem and there is nothing anyone can do about it. UN cant stop US and it cant force lsreal out of Jerusalem.

The US is not seeking any nation’s approval to move it’s embassy and it is not going to appease other nations regarding recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel. It is the sovereign right of US todo so. They have made their choice and those who don’t like it have the right to complain , murmur and cry. And they can’t do more than that,Trump said. The UN does not allocate capitals of Nations for them.

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It is individual nations that decide where to locate their capital. Also Prime Minister Benjamin netanyahu while addressing same issue said, Israel has chosen Jerusalem, a capital established by King David almost 4, 000 years ago.

If only the United Nations had educated them selves on the Biblical history of the Jews, they would understand about the God of creation whom willy nilly they will definitely encounter over Jerusalem.

Nothing on earth strengthened my faith in the existence of God than the history of the Jews rooted in the Bible. The UN is blinded by hatred, bais and prejudice aganst lsrael. It is full of jokers. Countries tell the UN where their capital is located, it is not the UNthat tells countries where their capital is located. The UN hates lsrael and wouldn’t mind removing it from the map. My take on this:Jerusalem has ALWAYS been the capital of Israel.

It will remain the capital of lsrael forever and that is final ! I believe in Biblical prophecies. Therefore Jerusalem is going to be the graveyard of the nations of the world.

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The United States has 6,800nuclear warheads and will be willing to defend Jerusalem. Israel has 400 nuclear warheads. Armageddon is coming!America contributes 22 percent or more of the funds used in running the United Nations.

They spend billions of dollars in military and financial support to many countries of the world. Before the voting, Donald Trump said he would be‘watching’ who voted against him and threatened to withdraw aid payments to show the world that he means what he is saying.He is already looking for ways to defund the countries that voted against her so that the funds can be used to rebuild US infrastructure, economy,and military.If he fulfills his promise, many nations will be in impoverished. Wars will break out in various parts of the world.

The result will be AMERICA FIRST,as espoused by TrumpThe UN is a joke. It has failed to stop genocide and aggression in many instances. Genocide is going on in Myanmar and UN can no do anything. North Korea is busy testing weapons of mass destruction including hydrogen bomb and UN cannot do anything. Iran is manufacturing a nuclear weapon and UN cannot stop them.Last week in Democratic Republic of Congo, many UN soldiers were killed but they didn’t do anything to address the situation.

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There is civil war in Yemen at this time but UN can’t come to their help. A genocide was committed against the people of Biafraand is still going on, what did UN do? Nothing!Do you see why l call their voting and decision a joke? The UN can’t stop US and lsrael. Whether they believe it or not doesn’t matter or change anything.Jerusalem has been theJewishcapital for thousandsof years. The UN cannot change that It’s time for the US to make UN to see the futilityof its voting and go ahead with to relocate their capital to Jerusalem as well as teach those recalcitrant nations that voted against her some lessons in political gerrymandering. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of lsrael. Believe that!

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