Nri Obalike, the Eze Nri from Uruoji

-Nri Obalike, the Eze Nri from Uruoji who was the Eze Nri from 1889–1935.

-Nri Obalike was Eze Nri during the height of British colonial imposition into the north–   central Igbo area.

-He was the Eze Nri who was made to abrogate the laws of Nri which went against British   colonial interest, and also the first Eze Nri to leave Nri as he was compelled to do by the   British.

The Eze Nri is seen here around 1910-11, photographed by Northcote Thomas who spent some time studying the Igbo which was a job given to him by the colonial regime for the purpose of efficiently implementing indirect rule.

This photo is originally black and white and was digitally coloured by ukpuru. Northcote described the Eze Nri as wearing a blue gown, but this interpretation uses brown, although it’s not unlikely that the gown pictured could be different.