we will never forget

-To the Igbos, being Nigerian has always been aggravating.

-How can the iti boribo editors of Nigerian newspapers insist that it is offensive   and wrong to “sit at home” on May 30th to pay respect to ones own relatives   who  perished in a war of self Defense?!

-Do they not understand that we owe nobody any apologies for honoring our   massacred family members? I understand the game though; just as much as   they  do too.

In reality, the war was supposed to destroy Ndigbo but it backfired because today, apart from our language and culture, the war is what unifies modern Igbo people.

Every family, every clan and even those who were not willing to accept their igboness before the war, has a story about death and suffering in the hands of the Nigerian forces during the war.

From Asaba in western Igboland to Umuahia in southern Igboland, scores of people were massacred for being Igbo. How would the Nigerian mainstream media who are in the pockets of the federal government, allow us to be united by our shared history of Nigeria injustice against our people?

They won’t, so they always try to discredit and undermine events geared towards remembering our massacred relatives.

source: igboamaka