biafran Army

-Biafra did use a few DC3s that had been on the ground when they overran a few   airports. Nigeria Airways still operated them.

They flew at night and dropped bombs.

-Very funny, in a way: the bombs fell near the army headquarters, Dodan   Barracks.

The military did not have anti-aircraft guns so they used cannon[s] that fired grenades. These missed the aircraft and landed near the navy base at Apapa.

The Navy woke up and shot back. So the Nigerian army and Navy opened fire at one another. The damage was very minimal.

Next, Ojukwu managed to capture a Fokker F27 of Nigeria Airways. They did bombing runs with that one as well.

They just dropped the bombs from the rear sliding door. But that did not go well: Insofar as I could make out, the bombs were primed, to go off with a time delay and cast out of the door.

One rolled back away from the door and before the crew could get it it went off inside the aircraft. I have seen the bits in a hanger at Lagos Airport.

Of course, the [Nigerian] army claimed that they shot it down but investigators told me that it had been a bomb inside.


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