-Hate him all you want,hate his strategy for all I care, but accept the FACT that   Nnamdi Kanu has given the struggle for biafra rebirth the needed boost we   need around the world!

-He may not have started the struggle but if he didn’t pick up from where others   fell, most of us, including me won’t be BIAFRA conscious like we are today.

-You or your brothers can never RISK a quarter of what he’s risked for biafra,     so   why the hate?

Notable men around the world now talk about biafra, just because this guy raised his voice and bar for Biafra, using Radio Biafra.

Some Igbos, even our Politicians, who couldn’t talk boldly about BIAFRA 10yrs ago now do so with pride…..all because Kanu has given them a voice and dug up more history about BIAFRA and Nigeria than those before him.

You have accuse him of so many things, yet you have NO evidence to back up your accusations. Scalawags!

I owe this great guy a lot because he awakened my love for biafra!

You owe him a lot too unless you have an organization fighting for the rebirth of Biafra like IPOB is currently doing!

Like I said, keep your hate for him far from me unless you are a SAINT or blame yourself if I insult you like I would insult an enemy of biafra!

You can’t claim to love biafra but hate the guy who’s the face of biafra now.

You are simply lying to yourself if you claim to be a Biafran or love the Igbo Nation but hates Nnamdi Kanu whose only project has been to deliver Biafrans from her oppressors!

Stay away from me all ye rapscallions!

Long live Nnamdi Kanu!
Long live Biafra!

Writing by: Anwulika Udanoh