Image may contain: text-Are insightful books like this one written by the commander of the Biafran army, being studied and discussed on IPOB’s radio Biafra and IPOB zonal meetings?

-Or are they too busy spewing nonsensical conspiracy theories about an imaginary person called Jubril?

-Is it not by having a deep understanding of the past, that we can best shape the future?

I don’t blame our disenfranchised and poorly educated youths for believing whatever Kanu is telling them irrespective of how illogical it may be.

I blame my fellow educated Igbos for not making sustained attempts to enlighten our people over the years. Most of them have acquired an extremely individualistic and materialistic mindset, so they’re only concerned with how they can become part of the corrupt elite and finally “make it” as the case may be.

I blame our wicked political class and the post-war traditional ruling class for failing to enlighten our youths and creating a conducive environment for them to thrive. I blame our mainstream media for being puppets for the corrupt political class.

In the aftermath of the global economic crash in 2008, millions of people worldwide faced a new reality; one with little or no prospect, stagnate economies and the result was the disenfranchisement of a whole generation.

In places like Nigeria, the effects were even more vicious. The educated ones who were supposed to be “experts” failed to predict this economic crisis because they were busy drinking champagne with the elites or working for banks that were destroying the economy.

The political class were busy looting and the media was busy singing their praises. So, the disenfranchised youths had to look elsewhere for answers; that is where Kanu comes in. He was providing them with answers and saying what they wanted to hear and the youths in their despair followed him. Kanu, Buhari, Trump, Brexit, the rise of the far right in Europe, the disdain for mainstream media, for hyper liberalism are all response to the effects of the global economic crash; the global economy hasn’t fully recovered. That crash which began with the US subprime mortgage crisis is now referred to as the GREAT RECESSION.

It’s impact is second only to the great economic depression of the 1920s. The culprit is of course neoliberal capitalism which we haven’t yet figured out a better alternative for.
Kanu’s strategies or lack thereof, will not produce any desired results. Those in power can use their influence and power to dismiss or jail or kick him out.

The movement can be saved by following the third way strategy articulated by me in previous posts since 2016 or 2017. Maybe it’s difficult to accept that you have failed, maybe it’s difficult to give Igbo Amaka credit for his ideas, maybe it’s difficult to accept that your messiah doesn’t have all the answers, but this isn’t a contest, this is about the wellbeing of our people.

Let me repeat, IPOB will not restore Biafra using their current modus operandi and strategy. You need that political mandate and a cause that’ll rally the people. You need to create an entirely new political class full of ideas and pragmatism. It isn’t enough to cry that the cause of your misery is Ndi Awusa or Nigeria; there are other places in Nigeria where people are wasting in abject poverty, so what makes your own so different that the only solution is restoring Biafra immediately? Biafra of the previous generation was proclaimed as the last option for a people who were being massacred and who couldn’t trust any other people other than their own people; it wasn’t proclaimed because of marginalisation.

If we start by developing our region and say we wanted to build what I term “the great eastern railway” to connect all the old eastern region and FG sends troops to block the way or attack the workers, then you can argue that the FG is an existential threat and obstacle to our economic development, so we are better off on our own. And as an elected governor it is your duty to protect the people.

Writing by: Igbo Amaka