Agunze Azuka Onwuka 

-In the 70s and 80s, social clubs were the rave in the Southeast. It was a thing of   pride and class to belong to them, especially top ones like People’s Club of   Nigeria.

-Musicians like Oliver de Coque, Osadebe, etc, released special songs for them   like People’s Club of Nigeria, Anaedo Anyị bụ Ọnwa, etc.

-By the late 80s, the social clubs in the Southeast lost relevance. Most Igbos   stopped associating with them.

However, Ikoyi Club, Apapa Club, Island Club, Lagos Country Club in the Southwest continued to wax strong.

Interestingly, Igbos who no longer want to belong to Southeastern clubs, are proud to belong to these Southwestern clubs and even lead them.

So why did Southeastern social clubs lose relevance but Southwestern social clubs are still seen as clubs of class and distinction?

By Agunze Azuka Onwuka 


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