The spirit girl

-This is why some villagers don’t kill it up till today,my people has been     brainwashed.

-Some will brag on how Python ( Eke) is their favorite meat not knowing  that     they are bringing curse upon their generations.

-This very animal is not just an animal, it does not look for trouble.

Python ( Eke)

Sometimes it can come unexpected in your compound, the next thing is to seek for a traditional expert with  extensive knowledge or a profound thinker ( igba afa) to know why the sudden appearance. Do you know that in the olden days ,our mothers do leave their children at home for market and call on Python ( Eke)  to come and guide them till they are back from market and when they left ,the Python ( Eke)  will majestically come out from the bush to guide the children.

Python ( Eke)  hardly bite ,it doesn’t hurt but might be so wicked to a bad person. (Ufodu ndi ojoo jizi maka Anya ukwu were mebezie mpu,) so my people start  killing and eating it so that it will stop visiting them when they dose evil in the land.

In some villages ,when you kill this sacred animal hmmmmmm ,you will bury it like human being.In Some villages, Python ( Eke)  normally comes out to welcome strangers in the land but will only hurt the evil ones.

The spirit girl

In some villages when a new baby is delivered , Python ( Eke)  will visit and lay beside the baby for Protection. it does not hurt ,am talking from experience ,you can play with it and also Cary it on your neck ,they are friendly with good people.

(Eke mmiri is very friendly, eke nwe ohia ,oburu na mmadu tuo gi n’alusi ,)  Python ( Eke) will appear in your compound to bring the message to you,then the next thing is to answer to the call after.,  (ka ijuchara ase.) 

Animals that are meant to be sacred are not meant to be killed ,it’s a curse upon curse for the coming generation. Look at how our land is dried ,hardship everywhere, hunger and sufferings. You people think that the spirit of the land (Ajaala) will not rise against the wicked ones?  this is the “INJURY TIME” everyone should be careful, untimely death everywhere , we need to ask our elders now. (unu anakwa aju ase? )

(Ndi hapuru omenaala mebe Omenelu ,) when you leave your tradition and start upheaval what do you expect before, maybe to dey jolly everyday? No! Of course, (ometalu ga eburu makana obu isi kotara ebu ka ebu ga agbawa anya.)

We must go back to our roots and drop those words they used to brainwash us (ejiri brainwashia anyi n’ulo church) Missionary they came lied to deceive my people. Churches and their ministers must suffer, (ihe ha mere n’ala anyi ) because the spirit of the land  (Aja-ala Igbo) must revenge!

Ndewonu,umu Ajaala Igbo

Writing by: Chidimma Ofoegbu


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