lizard (oruburubu)

-Someone wakes up and sees a dead reptile( oruburubu) in front of his house.

-They observe that a knife has been used to cut into the limbs of the creature.

-His son uses a stick to throw the thing away and few days later, the teenage boy   s limbs get inflamed and soon begin to rot.

Long story short, the boy is dead now. Such stories are more prevalent in certain areas than others. It shows that there is a lot of potency in our traditional system but these powers are grossly misapplied and misused.

The same power could be used to cure cancer and Ebola. Could be used to make earth shaking inventions.

This very fact is the major thing that has painted odinala as evil. It scares people away from what they should embrace.
What I think is that evil men have hijacked odinala because good men have left it to them. If we all embrace it, the good will outweigh and overwhelm the evil.

What do you think?

Writing by: Nnenna Ihebom