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– Many people have run away from their villages for good.

-What this means is that not even the death of loved ones will take them home.

-They would rather send money if they are kind enough than set foot on the soil   of their father s home town.

Some people meet their husbands in different ways

They are driven by fear and this fear is well founded.

They have experienced strange forces that nearly took their lives or heard stories that strike fear into them. The conclusion is that many of our people believe that their home people are evil. The village people concept is not comedy.

On the other hand, some good people have remained in the same village, raised their children successfully and are living good lives there. These people must know something that the runaway villagers do not know.

Is it not better to get to learn the ways of self defence in odinala and apply them than become a stranger in your own village?
Those who are into the ministry of restoration should not be tired of sharing the essential nuggets of self defence and preservation for those who are interested in learning.

That is part of what we missed by being educated by strangers. I have heard of oseoji for daily cleansing. Abeg tell us more.

Writing by: Nnenna Ihebom