northerners are unreasonable and unrealistic”

-I am amongst the strongest critics of northern hegemony and domination and   nothing is happening today that I did not say would happen if Buhari was   elected   President both in 2015 and 2019.

-Yet the truth is that we cannot blame everything on the north because southern   leaders are their own worse enemies.

-We are weak, divided, petty, ignorant, gullible, naive, petty and cowardly.

Worse of all we behave like crabs in a basket: always pulling one another down and always attempting to eclipse and destroy our own brightest stars.

Northern hegemony and northern domination is manifest in every sphere and sector of the Nigerian space only because the ever-grovelling, ever-slavish, ever-quivering, ever-quarreling and ever-snivelling southern leaders, who are so comfortable with betraying and abandoning their own mid-stream, gladly allow it.

If we want things to change the first thing that we need to do is to accept the fact that southern unity, southern commonality of purpose, southern fraternity, southern co-operation and southern cohesion and understanding are fundamental prerequisites to southern emancipation.

The secret to the remarkable success of the north is their wholehearted appreciation of the power of unity and the importance of furthering their collective interest regardless of political party affiliation.

This is something that the south appears to be simply incapable of appreciating, achieving or enjoying.


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