-June 12 was passed by national assembly as democracy day in Nigeria.

-And was declared national public holiday by government of buhari this year.

-And It was achieved by the likes of Tinubu and other APC yourba politicians and   is something every yourbas must be proud of.

I am not a supporter or fan of the man Tinubu but I love his style of politics.. No matter how you despise this man, is the man that I have come to understand his style of politics and cherish him because of the love he have for his tribe( Yourba tribe). If only this man has the opportunity and privileges igbo politicians had in Nigeria government, Yourba land will be much better than it is now.

Show me the most selfish and self centered politicians in Nigeria and I will be bold to tell you that 98% of them are from Igbo tribe.. We complain about marginalization but 90% of the marginalization are caused and done by our own politicians

From 1999-2007, Igbo men and women occupied a highly position in Nigeria government(Senate president, minister of Finance, CBN governor and many other position) but no single project was attracted to Igbo land even a mosquito net for their people..

From 2009-2015 ( Government of Fmr President Goodluck Ebelechukwu Jonathan) Igbo men and women were in all sectors of government as the head. The senate president( Sen David Mark) is partially an Igbo man, we have the Deputy Senate president( Ikeoha ndi Ogwu and not ndi igbo) We have Minister of Finance Minster of Aviation, Minister of petroleum, SGF, Deputy Speaker, Minister of Power and many of them, But what did those Politicians did for us? The answer is nothing.

They were there in Abuja enjoying themselves, sharing money to their family and friends, forgot their tribe and where they came from.. For them Aso Rock and street of Abuja is their home and birthright and we their people don’t exist anymore..

We have minister of Aviation and the only so called international Airport in southeast is nothing but Aru-port.

We have President, Deputy Senate president, Deputy speaker and SGF, and they didn’t fight for their people and make sure that 30th of May is been observed Nationwide as public holiday and a day of mourning in Nigeria for people that died during Nigeria\Biafra war.

We have all these men and women in government from 2009-2015 and federal roads in southeast,south south are in totàl mess. No factories, Bad roads, the Airports in Enugu and IMO are nothing to write about and we are busy pointing at President Buhari for our predicament..mmmm

We are the cause of our problem.. Our governors and all our politicians are cause of our problem and not President Buhari or Tinubu. We have governors and Senators that always thinks about their pocket, family and their slay queens..

They always remember they are from Igbo land when they want to get something in Aso Rock and National assembly or When EFCC want to probe them. They will put on their isiagu and pretend to be more Igbo than me and you and They will start to talk about marginalization,equity and balance of political appointment..

These people are selfish and all that matters to them are their political positions and nothing more. sometimes I weep for my people because of the selfish politicians we have in Igbo land. Is a pity that God want to punish us with these set of people that called themselves our political leaders..

We will keep talking and writing and hope one day they will change. Or God will give us good leaders and people that will protect our collective interest..Thanks, and enjoy ur Democracy week