-Same people that told us that our forebears nudity was evidence that they were   uncivilised, even though in reality nudity was practical and well suited for   survival in the tropical rainforest.

-Today, look at them celebrating nudity while Africans look on in confusion while   speaking in tongue. 

-They’re now spreading the false narrative that marriage, family, cultural identity   etc is supposedly oppressive and outdated while promoting non-traditional   sexual lifestyles (Ndi Otu Bob Risky).

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Ndi iberibe in our midst will champion it like gospel truth. But, in the near future, the same Oyibo will re-embrace traditional family values and marriage.

By then, our single mothers and single fathers will look on in confusion.

Technologically, we can learn a lot from the West and the East (Asia), but culturally?! BIG NO! The world ought to learn about culture and moral values from the global south (Africa).

Source: Igbo Amaka  


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