worship him the great one

Those who seek political office, are usually extremely ambitious, intelligent & egoistical people with passion.

They love to be loved and adored but not criticised. So therefore, the masses must always ensured that they only adore them when they’re acting in the interest of the masses and criticise them when they act in their own personal interests at the detriment of the masses.

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One of the key reason why the west is far more advanced than the global south, is that over the centuries, they masses in the west has learnt to hold their leaders accountable. They elect these individuals who are committed to the public good, to create strong institutions and laws to ensure that the elites are held accountable when they do wrong and also rewarded and adored when they do go.

In our own case, our ancestors who we’ve dismissed as “illiterates”, created a system in which all members of the ruling class, were members of the (Nze na Ozo sect). The Ozo man is committed to honesty. A ritual is performed with the belief that the Ozo man will die if he lies.

Today, our leaders come to us and corrupt us. They give us money and beer with jollof. Due to the love of instant gratification, the traitors in our midst will bow and sing the praises of an elite who doesn’t love them. These sort of people are the main problem with Africa. They lack the moral courage to resist. They claim they’re poor and hungry yet these leaders only give them pocket change and rice with malt which doesn’t change their condition.

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We must dare to make sacrifices. Reject these bad leaders. Remember they love to be worshipped? So, that is your bargaining power. Work and we shall worship you, fail to work and we won’t fail to insult you and reject you whether you claim to be from our village, our community, our religion or our street.

At last, understand this; power is in the hands of the people! Our ancestors puts it this way, IGWEBUIKE.

As for the picture, if the guy no wan make anybody see the photo, e no go allow anybody to snap him, so mechie onu ule gi

Writing by: igbo amaka