-As I’m writing this, the small boy is held in ikot Ekpene prison together with his   parents by the Nigeria Army for treasonable felony which is peacefully agitating   for their freedom.

-The same thing a child agitate from his,her mothers womb after 9 months.

-The baby will start demanding for freedom and if the mother refuses to release     him,her,she dies.

That same freedom that Zik, Awolowo and the so-called one Nigerianist agitated as we were told, is exactly what this innocent Biafra boy is agitating today and the Nigeria government tagged him terrorist and put him in prison.

Now one useless idiot will ask you to pray for unity of Nigeria and I ask for what reason?

So that this kind of inhumane treatment,killing,arrest,torture and every practices that oppose civility will continue to prevail? Chineke kpokwa unu oku there, all of you that is/will support(ing) one useless Nigeria.


Only Chukwu okike is our witness when the time for action start.

The world must condemn the evil practices and allow peaceful exit of Biafra people or watch how everything in that useless contraption will be destroyed completely

Ipob is for peace

Let Nigeria governments and British allow referendum for Biafra
EU,UN and other world organisation must implement their law of right to self self determination of indigenous populace as contained in UN charter 2007 which Nigeria is also a signatory to.

God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
God bless Ipob
God bless Biafra

Source: Chinedu Okenwa


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