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-From Aba, we passed through “Omo Dim” (Umu dim), in Owerri District, to visit   the Mbari house there.

-According to Ababua, priest of Amade Onhia  Amadioha Amadi Oha] at Igbo   near Okomoko, the meaning of the word Mbari is ‘ fine ’ or ‘ decorated. ‘


We were more fortunate, mostly on account of the energy displayed by the interpreter, Chief G. A. Yellow, a man of unusual intelligence, to whom the reason of our enquiries had been explained and who was far-sighted enough to wish to aid them by every means in his power.

By his persuasion an old Chief was induced to come forward and give somewhat more information.

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According to his account the name of the structure was Njokku Mbari, and it was erected in honour of a great ancestor, long dead, named Njokku and his wife Mbafor.

The white figure at the top of the ladder on the right of the building represented Njokku himself and, as the Chief artlessly pointed out, the birds upon the rungs of the ladder showed that this was the road by which the spirit of the dead man had climbed to his place in the sky, whence he now ruled as a great Chief.

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The fact that he was painted white signified that he was no longer an earth child but had passed to the ghost realm, from whence he watched over his descendants who brought offerings at certain times of the year in order that he might be gently disposed towards them and grant plentiful harvests.

Source: Igbo Amaka